Ship A Car Direct Offers Safety Tips To Help Everyday Drivers Safely Share The Road

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Ship A Car Direct Offers Safety Tips To Help Everyday Drivers Safely Share The Road

Here are a few tips on how to avoid accidents when sharing a road with large trucks.


Niwot USA / January 18th, 2014 / ACCESSWIRE / Safely Share The Road With Large Auto Transport Trucks.

Auto transport trucks and long carriers can be intimidating to drivers of smaller vehicles and pedestrians on the road. Unfortunately accidents involving these large trucks do happen, but with some safety tips, many of these accidents could be avoided. The inability of small vehicle drivers to comprehend the dangers of driving next to a truck is what often causes collisions and fatalities on modern roads. Sharing the road safely means that every road user understands the driving situations presented by different types of vehicles.

The U.S. Department of Transportation and the Motor Carrier Safety Administration say that learning how to share the road safely can minimize road accidents by close to 65%. Here are a few tips on how to avoid accidents when sharing a road with larger trucks.

Avoid The Blind Spot – Driving in a blind spot of any another vehicle is dangerous, let alone a large transport vehicle. Drivers of smaller automobiles are encouraged to move away from them as much as possible. Even with their large mirrors, auto transport or car carriers have blind spots on both sides as well as in the front and behind the truck. These professional drivers have the training and equipment to help them avoid losing sight of other vehicles, but it is best to help them out, and avoid driving in those blind spots.

Allow Extra Space – The size of trucks (length and width) creates special driving conditions for the drivers of large trucks than those driving small vehicles. Drivers of large trucks often move further into the left lane when turning right to avoid a nearby curb as they make a turn. Drivers of small vehicles who ignore this signal to pull toward their right can be squeezed between the body of the truck and the curb.

Make Intentions Known Early – Long carriers cannot stop over a short distance when brakes are applied, nor maneuver quickly. Therefore, drivers of small vehicles should give an early signal of their intention to stop, turn or slow to allow the truck/ carrier behind them enough time to adjust.

Don’t Tailgate – Large trucks like car carriers can roll back further compared to a car when the brakes are released, so car drivers should leave plenty of room between them and the truck ahead. It is good to stay slightly to the left of the lane to help the truck driver see any vehicles in the mirrors. Make sure to give trucks and buses some space when approaching them to avoid the effects of pressure caused by high speeds.

In summary, and generally speaking, avoid any type of aggressive driving around large transport trucks. This includes speeding, tailgating, running red lights and stop signs, improper passing, and weaving.

By following these tips, small vehicle drivers can help significantly reduce collisions and fatalities.

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