The Dark Horse of Crypto Currency joined 2 Chamber of Commerce – Franko

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The Dark Horse of Crypto Currency joined 2 Chamber of Commerce – Franko

With new crypto-currencies popping up on an hourly basis, it’s no surprise that a great one could be overlooked.

Washington, D.C, United States of America / January 18th, 2014 / ACCESSWIRE / With new crypto currencies popping up on an hourly basis, it’s no surprise that a great one could be overlooked. In the past, it was easy to be informed about Bitcoin and Altcoins, like Litecoin. There were only a few selections and the bad ones were weeded out quickly. As time progressed the standards of acceptability deteriorated. At one time the sheer thought of a premine, no matter the size, was completely absurd but today they are common place.. Today there is coins hitting million dollar market-caps overnight even if the purpose of the coin is a joke. Times might have changed but the definition of a good alternative currency has not. With that being said, let me introduce you the dark horse of cryptocurrency. Franko (FRK), the virtual currency developed with fairness, scarcity, speed and usability in mind.

Franko was released on May 10th 2013 at by the user Defaced (Christopher Franko). When asked in a previous interview with the Washington Daily News, why he decided to release his own crypto currency he said:

“I developed Franko because, at the time, I wasn’t satisfied enough with the alternatives being offered and felt like the world needed something more fair, more rare, and alot faster. Waiting an hour to make a purchase with 1 million coins wasn’t going to cut it.”

Thus the Franko (FRK) was born. Since that, day Franko has managed to gain acceptance with many merchants including the highly sought after brick-and-mortar variety. If you are in Atlanta area you can spend FRK at any 10 pawnshops owned by ePawnATL is the largest independently owned and operated pawnshop chain in Atlanta. There, you can use your Franko to purchase anything in the store ranging from cars to jewelry. In addition, Christopher Franko, is an active member of 2 Chambers of Commerce and planning to expand into the surrounding cities. Christopher Franko will be hosting workshops with hundreds of local business owners teaching them how to integrate Franko into their business. Franko is supported by which means you can spend Franko at a variety of online stores. These stores range from crypto-supplies, gaming, gift cards, hosting/domains, investment and precious metals, web-design/consultation, and so much more!

Memes will come and go but a currency with the usability that Franko provides, it is here to stay. Logically, Franko is hands down the single most undervalued crypto currency on the market right now. The team at Franko has built an extremely solid infrastructure and their accomplishments speak for themselves. They spend their days liberating new crowds with economic freedom, giving the community a fair choice based on speed and usability.

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Name: Christopher Franko
Organization: Franko collective
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