The Dog Breeds Bible Creates Profiles on Small, Medium, Large, and Giant Dogs for Potential Owners

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The Dog Breeds Bible Creates Profiles on Small, Medium, Large, and Giant Dogs for Potential Owners

The Dog Breeds Bible has created hundreds of dog profiles that break down each breed by behavior, looks, grooming and history to help you decide which pet is the best for your family.  

Madison, WI, United States of America / January 15th, 2014 / ACCESSWIRE / If you are a dog owner, then you own the most popular pet on planet earth. There are hundreds of different dog breeds but each with their own characteristics. Some are so drastically different than one another that a similarity between them may be impossible to distinguish. People who are considering purchasing a dog needs to know the difference between a Poodle and a Chihuahua from their looks as well as the characteristics that set them apart. The Dog Breeds Bible brings profiles on each category of dog breeds to help learn the specifics of each breed from trainability, to shedding, to how good they are with children.

The small dog breeds section of The Dog Breeds Bible seen here: breaks down each profile into four main categories. These are the behavior, looks, grooming, and history of the dog breed. Along with those four main categories, you will get imagery of the breed and a rating on a scale of one to ten on popularity, how good they are with children, what kind of guard dog they are, the breed’s energy level, their shedding, and how easy the breed is to train.

The very same profiles have been created for giant dog breeds at These come together to create a complete guide that will visually let you assess the size and characteristics of each breed. Digging deeper into the articles will give you a more complete understanding of the dogs to ensure you make the right choice.

A spokesman from The Dog Breeds Bible said, “When looking for a dog breed, people really do not think about the mass variety that is available to them. There are hundreds of different dog breeds and each one has a very special temperament as well as use. We have taken the time to create a directory of dogs so that you can pick the breed that will fit perfectly in your family.”

About The Dog Breeds Bible:
The Dog Breeds Bible was created by and for dog lovers of all kinds and is committed to providing the best resource for owning a dog online. The Dog Breeds Bible is all the information that is needed to pick out a dog breed and to take care of the dog into old age. The website includes information such as all dog breeds, articles on what your dog can eat and cannot eat, as well as information on training.

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