Power Marketing Consultants Network Helps Companies Dominate Their Market Within 12 Mths

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Power Marketing Consultants Network Helps Companies Dominate Their Market Within 12 Mths

Advertising agencies have been hoodwinking their clients for more than 100 years. That’s why Diego Rodriguez has built the Power Marketing Consultants Network. His network helps clients dominate their market in less than a year.

BOISE, ID, USA / January 15th, 2014 / ACCESSWIRE / For more than 100 years, advertising agencies throughout the world have been hoodwinking their clients. That’s according to Diego Rodriguez, creator of the international Power Marketing Consultant Network. He is exposing the flawed and outdated model that agencies are using to profit from clients who see little to no results.

The old-fashioned advertising agency model works by getting a client to spend lots of money. When the client complains that they aren’t seeing results, the agency recommends that the client spend even more money. Regardless of whether the client sees any results, the advertising agency pockets their commission. They have no stake in their client’s success.

Advertising agencies are not happy that the Power Marketing Consultants Network has made their profit machine obsolete. The new business model works by building a long-term relationship with the client and tying the agency’s ongoing income to the client’s revenue growth. If the agency doesn’t increase their client’s revenue, the client doesn’t have to pay another dime.

Members of the Power Marketing Consultants Network have all been certified to use the proprietary Power Marketing Program™, which is a scientific approach to marketing that includes five detailed marketing components. Each component is multi-tiered and includes an exclusive formula called the “Strategic Message Formula” which ensures that the strategic marketing content created for businesses is optimized for maximum return. The effective use of the Power Marketing Program has essentially made traditional advertising agencies outdated and obsolete.

To date, Power Marketing Consultants Network has used its proprietary, comprehensive marketing system to achieve a 100% success rate with growing revenue for their clients.

This amazing success is the result of the strategic use of timeless principles that appeal to human nature. Even though technology continues to create new marketing channels – meaning tactical execution of marketing strategies may change – the fundamental principles or the Power Marketing Program™ will always be effective.

The fastest growing marketing network in the world, the Power Marketing Consultants Network has more than 70 certified agencies in eight countries, including the United States, Spain, Australia, Canada, Japan, Ireland, Wales, and Great Britain.

Their broad reach gives each client access to a world of shared knowledge and experience. With these resources, member agencies can maximize the effectiveness of their exclusive marketing program and tactical execution of comprehensive online and offline marketing campaigns.

Learn how to become the #1 company in market by visiting www.PowerMarketingConsultants.com to find a certified Power Marketing Consultant near you or to order the Total Dominance audio training program.

Visit http://www.powermarketingconsultants.com/ for more information.

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