Plandaí is Next to Ride the Marijuana Wave

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Plandaí is Next to Ride the Marijuana Wave

Baltimore, Maryland / January 14, 2014 / Goldman Small Cap Research, a stock market research firm focused on the small cap and microcap sectors, notes that throughout 2013, management and the scientific team at Plandaí Biotechnology, Inc. (OTCQB –PLPL) succeeded in making meaningful progress on its flagship Phytofare™ Catechin Complex and the high degree of bioavailability of the product’s nutrients to treat a host of illnesses and chronic conditions.  As we have now entered 2014, the Company’s medical marijuana initiatives, announced in the fourth quarter of 2013, may take center stage now that the nation has overwhelmingly changed its stance toward broad and widespread cannabis acceptance.

In recent days, the state of Colorado has commenced the legal sale of marijuana for recreational use, and other states may elect to do so as well.  Colorado expects to earn nearly $70M in annual tax revenue this year and now the state of Maryland has a legislator that believes he can get a similar bill passed. Plus, New York has now passed a medical marijuana law of its own, joining 20 other states. Moreover, a recent CNN/ORC International poll found that fully 55% of all Americans polled believe that marijuana should be legal, which is up from just 25% a decade ago. These events are not unrelated and their correlation illustrates a potential rise in interest and driver of stocks with exposure to the space in the capital markets along with a major rise in the development and use of medical marijuana.

For its part, the Plandaí subsidiary, Cannabis Biosciences, Inc., will be developing and testing a botanical extract derived from cannabis, and the company its marijuana research will address neural disorders with.  Specifically, the company believes that the phytonutrients in cannabis show excellent potential for treating and preventing a host of neuron and injury related brain diseases including Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, ALS, MS, epilepsy, PTSD and post-concussion syndrome.

Plandaí expects to use its licensed Phytofare™ and Pheroid™ technologies to produce an FDA approved Phytofare™ cannabinoid complex that can address neural disorders without introducing the psychoactive element of THC to its treatments. Plandaí's extraction and hydrodynamic sheering process combined with its Pheroid™ technology, should allow it to produce an extract that captures and enhances the phytocannabinoids while omitting the psychotropic effects associated with metabolized THC.

Plandaí’s near term objective is to undertake the profiling of the Phytofare™ Cannabinoid Complex with in-vitro testing starting within six months, followed by animal trials, with the expectation that it will obtain FDA consent to commence human clinical trials specifically aimed at targeted neural disorders.

As Plandaí achieves milestones events, greater awareness and attention will likely be afforded the company and its stock.

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About Plandai Biotechnology, Inc. (OTCQB – PLPL): Plandai Biotechnology, Inc. and its subsidiaries develop highly bioavailable, phytonutrient rich extracts, which are being utilized to deliver a new family of drugs to safely and affordably treat a multitude of diseases and conditions.  Plandai Biotechnology controls every aspect of the process, from growing the raw materials on its farms in South Africa, to producing the patented pending Phytofare™ extracts in-house allowing the Company to guarantee the continuity of supply as well as quality control throughout. Targeted industries for the Company's products include food and beverage, cosmeceutical, wellness, nutraceutical, anti-aging, and pharmaceutical.  For more information, please visit


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