Perfect Green Coffee Bean Extract Is Top Consumer Favorite In Australia


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Perfect Green Coffee Bean Extract Is Top Consumer Favorite In Australia / January 13, 2014 / A top-selling green coffee supplement in the United States has become a consumer favorite in Australia. Perfect Green Coffee is a certified 100% pure green coffee with no additives and a 50% chlorogenic acid level, making it among the most potent available. Over recent days, sales of Perfect brand green coffee bean extract in Australia have broken all previous records for one-day sales of this brand outside the United States. Click here for more

Perfect Green Coffee has been a big hit in the United States since its introduction in 2012. The Perfect brand’s popularity reflects the high quality of the product as well as its extremely competitive price. The conventional wisdom dictates that the most effective green coffee product should be pure, with no fillers or unnecessary ingredients, and should have a high chlorogenic acid level of at least 42%. In the case of Perfect Green Coffee, its’ purity is verified by a certified testing lab, which also attests to its chlorogenic acid level of 50%. A celebrity TV doctor emphasized this consumer buying criteria on a popular health-related television program in the USA. That popular show is also broadcast in other countries including Australia.

Like Americans, Aussies have embraced Perfect Green Coffee in a big way and recently shattered sales records for the most green coffee orders outside the US in a single day, with record-setting Australian green coffee orders coming from every region from Melbourne to Perth, Darwin to Sydney, Brisbane to Hobart and areas in between. So, consumers asking the question where to buy green coffee bean extract in Australia need look no further than which has become a popular destination for green coffee extract in Australia. Perfect brand’s largest market is the United States. But, Australia is now the leader in the group of countries making up the second largest market for Perfect Green Coffee alongside Canada and the UK, and including Switzerland, Denmark, Singapore and the Netherlands.

Perfect Green Coffee is made in the USA in a facility where it is manufactured under FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The ingredients label for the product, as well as the most relevant portion of the certified testing results, is posted online at

While the high quality and potency of Perfect Green Coffee is without question, another factor behind its’ popularity is its price. It is priced much lower than most of its competition. This helped lead HealthFoodPost to designate it as the best value green coffee product. Most, green coffee supplements are priced from over $30 to $60 (USD) and higher, and often for bottles containing only 60 capsules. But Perfect Green Coffee is priced starting at $24.95 (USD) when buying 1 bottle containing 90 capsules but there are substantial quantity discounts of 25% to 35% starting at just 3 bottles. See details below. International customers often purchase at the 6 or 12 bottle level in order to get the quantity discount savings, which more than nicely offsets the higher international shipping costs. Consumers in Australia will also be pleasantly surprised to find that shipping costs to Australia from the United States are passed through at very close to cost. has selected Perfect Green Coffee as the best brand green coffee extract for quality and price. All Perfect brand products including Perfect Green Coffee come with a customer satisfaction 100% money back guarantee so consumers can shop with risk-free confidence. Each bottle of Perfect Green Coffee contains 90 capsules per bottle, which is, on average, a one-month supply. The manufacturer suggested dosage is one capsule three taken three times daily, and each capsule contains 400 mg of green coffee bean extract.

Special quantity discounts of 25 to 35% are offered at on Perfect Green Coffee. The discount on 3 to 5 bottles is 25% off. When buying 6 to 11 bottles customers receive a 30% discount, and 12 or more bottles gets a 35% discount. At the 6-bottle level or more, customers get free shipping in the domestic U.S. Any Perfect Supplement brand products can be combined to receive the quantity discounts. For pricing, additional information or to purchase Perfect Green Coffee click here

Perfect Green Coffee and the other specialty supplements featured on ships to over 200 countries worldwide includingCanada, the UK, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Denmark, Switzerland, The Netherlands and more.

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