Doublespark Publishes Best Ranking Local Search Terms Of 2013 In End Of Year Review

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Doublespark Publishes Best Ranking Local Search Terms Of 2013 In End Of Year Review

Cambridge based Doublespark Web Design have assessed the best ranking search factors of 2013 for companies looking to attract local business, and have published the results on their website.

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom - //Accesswire// - January 10th, 2014 - Search Engine Optimisation is an increasingly essential part of business strategy, allowing businesses to become more visible on the net through major search engines which now form the majority of all initial inquiries made by potential customers and clients. The SEO process has for a long time however seemed a little covert, with SEO providers keeping the tactics under their hat. Doublespark of Cambridge however have created an informative infographic based on Moz’s survey of local search ranking factors 2013 to better inform the public of what most significantly effects rankings today and in the year to come.

The infographic is broken down into several sections, including Page Level, Domain Level, Links, Anchor Text, SEO company perceptions, On Page SEO, and Social Signals. The infographic allows individuals to quickly establish key facts about the industry and how it works, as well as what they need to focus on to improve their search rankings.

The results of the survey have thrown up several surprises, though the SEO company perceptions analysed seem to reflect that these surprising results are known by a proportion of SEO companies, and Doublespark is among those.

A spokesperson for Doublespark explained, "We published the information generated by the Moz survey in the form of an infographic so that individuals could absorb and understand the information as quickly as possible. Though we are keen to point out that most all of the information is correlative rather than causative, it is safe to assume that factors like page authority and number of domains linking to pages do indeed have a causal effect when paired with our understanding of Google search algorithms. As such, we show exactly what people should be prioritising in the New Year."

About Doublespark Web Design:
Doublespark Web Design in Cambridge has been offering web design services to companies in Cambridge since 2005. The company has since grown to employ the best web designers as well as SEO specialists for the new generation of online business. With offices in Cambridge and Peterborough they welcome the opportunity to chat through how they can help clients with web design and internet marketing.

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