Doublespark Peterborough Publishes Local Citation Building Best Practices Infographic

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Doublespark Peterborough Publishes Local Citation Building Best Practices Infographic

Doublespark are continuing their mission to make SEO as transparent as possible by publishing an infographic on best practices for local citation building.

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom - //Accesswire// - January 10th, 2014 - Search Engine Optimisation has gone from a niche interest to a massive industry, with an important strategic role to play in business success and development. Search Engine Optimisation, broadly speaking, means positioning a company as an authority in a field so that their website will be ranked higher in search results. Doublespark of Peterborough are web design specialists who offer a full suite of integrated SEO services, and have recently published an infographic how to guide of the 12 local citation building best practices to create a robust and reliable presence in the local business community.

The infographic takes individuals through twelve steps, which help to identify where citations are of most use, where to invest for the right results and the difference between citations and backlinks. They then move away from fundamentals like following the rules of every listing site to give more general advice like prioritising quality of quantity and taking time to pick out the most relevant categories.

The step by step guide may make the citation building process feel a lot more comprehensive than many people realise, but this represents just a single action in a whole suite of services that Doublespark offer to their clients. They follow their twelve best practices when building citations to ensure maximum effectiveness.

A spokesperson for Doublespark explained, "Local citation building is one of the most valuable practices we have in developing long term, robust lead generation for clients. The truth is they are easy when you know how, so we’re sharing that know-how to better inform people of the full extent of the process, which is just one of the many processes we undertake on behalf of clients to improve their search rankings. When something as straight forward as local citation building takes twelve steps to achieve, we believe this sheds a light on just how complex and involved our work is on behalf of clients. Many people know us because of our Peterborough Web Design but our SEO services are of equal quality and together they create an unbeatable package to generate customers for any business."

About Doublespark Web Design:
Doublespark Web Design in Peterborough has been offering web design services to companies in Peterborough since 2005. The company has since grown to employ the best web designers as well as SEO specialists for the new generation of online business. With offices in Priestgate in Peterborough they welcome the opportunity to chat through how they can help clients with web design and internet marketing.

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