2013 Had Significant Advances in Autism, But Only OLFC's NOXO Autism Balm(tm) is Now Helping Individuals, Families, Doctors, Therapists and Caregivers Involved with Hypersensitivities

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2013 Had Significant Advances in Autism, But Only OLFC's NOXO Autism Balm(tm) is Now Helping Individuals, Families, Doctors, Therapists and Caregivers Involved with Hypersensitivities

PHILADELPHIA, PA / ACCESSWIRE / Olfactory Biosciences Corp (OLFC) the maker of NOXO Autism Balm(TM), is pleased to announce today that they are receiving positive proof of product claims / testimonials from families, doctors, therapists and caregivers involved with Autism Spectrum Disorders. And in addition, one of the top advances in Autism Spectrum Diseases.

More importantly, of the major advances in autism, NOXO Autism Balm(TM) is the only one now available on Amazon.

NOXO is Non-Invasive, Normalizes Brain Patterns and Provides Tranquility.

Amazon has received feedback of 4.2 stars of 5 with a 97% rating.

NOXO Autism Balm(TM) was invented by the company's Research Director, Dr. V Ruth Pinney using NOBEL Prize Winning in Medicine, in 2004, (Richard Axel and Linda Buck), to 'tone down' the overwhelming perceptions by those with Autism.  www.noxoinfo.com/autism.html

Autism 2013 Highlights of the year also included:

1. Whole Genome Sequencing Advances Autism Diagnosis and Personalized Care
2. Researchers Identify Earliest Known Sign of Autism; Potential Window for Very Early Intervention
3. Strong Evidence that Prenatal Folic Acid Can Reduce Autism Risk
4. Gene Study of Neurodevelopmental Disorders Finds Overlap between Autism and Major Mental-Health Conditions
5. New Tools Enable Investigators to Track Activity of Autism-linked Genes
6. "Optimal Outcomes" Rare but Real in Autism
7. Beyond Autism Genes: Epigenetic Differences in Identical Twins
8. Autism, Long Genes and DNA Detangles
9. 'Good' Bacteria Ease Autism-like Behaviors in Mouse Model
10. Large Study Supports GI Link to Problem Behaviors in Kids with Autism

Olfactory Biosciences Director of Research, Dr. V. Ruth Pinney states that what makes NOXO's Autism Balm(TM) unique is that it targets sensitivities naturally, changing the child's perception to sensory inputs in a direct, safe way!"

You can get more information or buy NOXO Autism balm(TM) at: www.noxoinfo.com/autism.html NOXO is Amazon Guaranteed


About Olfactory Biosciences Corp
Olfactory Biosciences Corp.'s NOXO division is focused to develop a variety of products targeting Olfactory Receptors in the nose for the desired effect. These alternative medicine wellness products can modify behavior or provide relief to common behavior challenges such as anxiety, or weight control, as examples.



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