Auto Part Manufacturers See Revival in Demand

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Auto Part Manufacturers See Revival in Demand

The Provides Stock Research onDana Holding Corp. and TRW Automotive Holdings Corp.  

New York City, New York - Broader market sentiment is currently bullish on account of encouraging growth in housing and job numbers. Overall improvement in the economy has also pushed up demand for automobiles and auto parts manufacturing companies are finally coming out the difficult times. Major companies like Dana Holding Corporation (NYSE: DAN) have reported strong quarterly and annual performances. TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. (NYSE: TRW) stock has also created new 52 weeks high recently. However, it also saw strong insider selling activity. Despite inside selling, the company is expected to report good first quarter results and the stock is expected to maintain its bullish trend.

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Dana Holding Corporation is currently in a bullish mode as the stock recently touched its new 52 weeks high price. It also recently announced 5 cents per share in dividend, further boosting its investors’ returns. The company is likely to keep up its bullish stock sentiments as it reported strong quarterly results. Its net income for the fourth quarter of the year stood at $88 million, up from $71 million it had earned for the corresponding quarter of the last year. Its fourth quarter revenue stood at $1.6 billion, down from $1.9 billion for the previous year quarter. Our free research report onDana Holding Corp.can be downloaded upon registration at 

Dana Holding Corporation also improved its full year performance. The company increased its annual net income from $219 million to $300 million. Its revenue for the year stood at $7.2 billion. Dana Holding Corp. delivered 12.84 percent return in the past 12 months and it has recovered nicely from its low times which included bankruptcy filing and accounting troubles. The company has delivered positive results for consecutive six quarters and now is working towards improving its financial position. The company specializes in drive line products like transmissions and axles. Its stock trades at Price/Earnings ratio of 12.96, which suggests that despite recent run up, Dana Holding Corporation still has good upside potential left.

Conversely, TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. stock is up more than 20 percent in the past 12 months. However, recently it witnessed massive inside selling. The company CEO and chairman John Plant offloaded more than 100,000 shares since Feb. 24. TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. also seems to be losing credibility with institutional investors as Blackstone Group also sold $545 million worth of company stock, reducing its stake by almost 50 percent. All other things being equal, insider and institutional selling is generally considered a negative signal.TRW Automotive Holdings research is available today at 

However, TRW Automotive recently recorded a multiyear high on the strength of its solid quarterly results. The company announced its fourth quarter revenue at $4.03 billion, surpassing consensus estimate of $3.89 billion in sales. It also surpassed consensus estimate of $1.33 per share in EPS by reporting earnings of $1.55 per share. The company is now scheduled to report its first quarter earnings on April 30thand is likely to present positive results. The stock is currently in a bullish mode and is expected to provide further returns to its investors. 



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