Why 3M Company is an Ideal Retirement Fund Candidate?

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Why 3M Company is an Ideal Retirement Fund Candidate?

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New York City, New York - 3M Company (NYSE: MMM) is one of the biggest conglomerates and it has a long history. This mature stock is a prime candidate for any conservative portfolio as it features low volatility and lower risk profile. While the company has delivered consistent performance throughout its history, the stock is now likely to make a few bold moves thanks to the improvement in the general economy. A new report shows that durables orders in the domestic markets are growing and the bullish sentiments are likely to persist in the future as well. 3M Company is in the position to gain from these developments and its stock price is expected to continue its upward ascent.

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3M Company’s stock grew 19 percent in the past 12 months and offered 2.39 percent dividend yield to its investors. The company offers a good investment opportunity for income investors as it provides a solid dividend with a robust growth rate. It has a 55-year long track record of increasing its dividend payment and its latest payment was at 63.5 cents apiece, that is up 7 percent. Our free research report on3M Co.can be downloaded upon registration at 


3M Company runs a well diversified business which goes beyond its flagship product Post-Its. The stock has past track record of slow yet steady returns. Coupled with healthy dividend yield, the stock is a good candidate for a balanced portfolio. 3M has kept its dividend payout ratio below 50 percent, which ensures that it will be able to keep up the dividend payments in the foreseeable future.

However, dividend payment and capital growth are not the only ways in which this company is boosting investor return. 3M Company also recently announced its share buyback program. The company runs a floating share buyback program and enhanced it to $7.5 billion. The current corpus enables the company to repurchase up to 10 percent of its current market cap.

3M Company is consistently innovating to retain its leadership position in the market. Its stock is likely to maintain the bull-run as the company delivered strong quarterly returns. Its fourth quarter revenue stood at $7.39 billion, surpassing consensus estimate of $7.18 billion. The company also posted $1.41 in EPS, meeting analysts’ expectations. 3M Company is expected to maintain its growth trend and analysts expect the company to grow its profits at the annualized rate of 7 percent through 2014. The growth is likely to be ramped up to 10 percent per annum after that. These expectations may act as positive reinforcement for the stock and the market price may grow further.

The company has showed robust revenue and EPS growth rate in the past. Its dividend growth rate is also commendable. It is engaged in wide range of businesses including Industrial segment and consumer and office segment. 3M also dabbles in electronics and healthcare solutions. The operational diversification keeps the company performance steady. At the very same time, 3M Company is also geographically diversified.

Despite all the positive points, the company is susceptible to usual business risks as shown by its recent recall of 10,000 filtrate room air purifiers. 3M Company is essentially a mature company capable to provide moderate yet steady returns.        


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