Drug Manufacturing Stocks Tumble on FDA Concerns

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Drug Manufacturing Stocks Tumble on FDA Concerns

The ShinesRooms.com Provides Stock Research on DepoMed Inc. and Novo Nordisk A/S


New York City, New York - Healthcare sector is currently in a bullish mode, despite concerns about high costs and patent expirations. Drug manufacturing companies have their fortunes tied to their drugs candidates. Any approval decline can have severe impact on the company as shown by DepoMed Inc. (NASDAQ: DEPO), which was banking on receiving the FDA approval for its drug, Sefelsa. The stock tumbled after receiving unfavorable verdict from the FDA. Novo Nordisk (NYSE: NVO) also received FDA request for additional tests, delaying the launch of its drugs. However, the company is diversifying its portfolio to nullify the impact. 

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DepoMed Inc. received a major setback recently as the FDA declined to approve its menopause drug, Sefelsa. The company also accepted that the drug will have a difficult time getting approved and that it would stop all spending on the drug. The company also recently reported its fourth quarter and full year results. DepoMed had reported 119 percent increase in quarterly revenue to $26.6 million, while its net loss stood at 7 cents per share. For FY 2012, its revenue was reported at $90.8 million and it suffered 53 cents per share in net loss. Our free research report on DepoMed Inc.can be downloaded upon registration at 


The company’s stock saw a deep decline following its Sefelsa debacle. The drug was voted 12-2 against approval. The FDA panel suggested that the drug failed to show efficacy and may have safety issues. While the company has decided not to inject more funds for developing the drug for treating hot flashes, it will continue to market it for treating postherpetic neuralgia. The outlook for the company is especially bleak after its drug disapproval. But the stock price may benefit from its other products which include Glumetza, a diabetes drug, and Zipsor. 

 Novo Nordisk recently completed Phase I trial of its single dose insulin drug. Its stock grew 13.29 percent in the past 52 weeks and it further augmented its investors’ value by offering 1.44 percent dividend yield. The company focuses on developing treatment drugs for diabetes and derives 80 percent of its revenue from this segment. Its Tresiba drug is likely to see a slump in sales due to regulatory issues. The company was asked by the regulators to conduct additional tests for the drug.Novo Nordisk A/Sfree research is available today at 


While the new FDA directive came as a shock to the company, the stock made a quick recovery. Novo Nordisk is now looking to revamp its plans. The company, however, announced that it will be able to submit new information by 2014. These new tests are likely to cause delay in the domestic sales plans for the drug. Tresiba is now likely to wait until 2015 or 2016 to start its sales in the domestic market. The delay may also lead to emergence of competitors, putting further pressure on the drug.

Novo Nordisk is also looking to expand its markets by developing obesity and hemophilia drugs. Overall, the stock is likely to maintain its performance and deliver above average returns to its investors.



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