Communication Service Companies Raise Capital Investment

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Communication Service Companies Raise Capital Investment

The Provides Stock Research onCrown Castle International Corp. and Cbeyond Inc.


New York City, New York -- Markets are showing a mild pullback from their steep gains. However, secular trend is still positive as the general economy keep growing stronger. Communication stocks have responded well to improved economic scenario. However, the sector still struggles to maintain margins owing to higher infrastructure improvement costs. Crown Castle International Corp. (NYSE: CCI) announced quarterly loss and Cbeyond Inc. (NASDAQ: CBEY) also sloped downward in the fourth quarter of the year. The companies are also expanding their reach and boosting capital expenditure.

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Crown Castle International Corp.’s stock has underperformed markets by posting 1.4 percent decline on a YTD basis. However, the company reported strong quarterly results and offered solid outlook for the future. Its revenue for the fourth quarter grew 30 percent to touch $674 million figure, while it had reported $519 million in revenue for the corresponding quarter of the last year. Despite the increase in its revenue, the company still suffered quarterly loss to the tune of $10 million, down from $49 million in income it had reported for the previous year’s quarter. Our free research report onCrown Castle International Corp.can be downloaded upon registration at 

For its full financial year, Crown Castle reported its income at $201 million. The company also provided guidance for the first quarter, where it expects its site rental revenue to be in the range of $605 million to $610 million. Its full year revenue has been pegged in the range of $2.444 billion and $2.459 billion. The company expects its net income for the financial year to be in the range of $58 million and $159 million.

Crown Castle International is also recalibrating its business to boost its liquidity and margins. In 2012, the company completed $7 billion worth of financing deals. It also finalized its deal to acquire exclusive rights pertaining to T-Mobile USA towers. The company stock is expected to the show the results of these positive transactions.

Elsewhere in the industry, Cbeyond Inc. is currently working to boost its fiber connectivity infrastructure. The company is also collaborating with partners for EFM connectivity. Cbeyond can now access 190,000 multi-tenant buildings across the nation. The company also recently reported its quarterly results. Its revenue for the quarter stood at $118.9 million. It had reported its Q4 revenue for year 2011 at $123.3 million. It also suffered loss during the quarter, maintaining the disappointing streak. Its $5.8 million loss for the quarter was up from $5 million loss it had incurred in the corresponding quarter of the last year. The company, however, had earned $2 million in net income during the third quarter of FY 2012.Cbeyond research is available today at 

Cbeyond Inc. also provided outlook for FY 2013 and expects its revenue to be in the range of $475 million and $485 million. The company is likely to have its annual adjusted EBITDA between $75 million and $82 million. It stock is expected to perform better in the coming months as Cbeyond expands its operations. It is also looking to boost its TotalNetwork Metro Ethernet service to offer better speed and coverage.  



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