Outlook for Chemicals Industry Improves in 2013

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Outlook for Chemicals Industry Improves in 2013

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New York City, New York -- Last year, chemicals industry faced significant challenges. Weakness in the Eurozone, slowdown in China and uncertainty in the U.S. due to fiscal cliff resulted in substantially lower demand for chemical products in 2012. However, the outlook for the chemicals industry has improved since the start of this year thanks to a strong recovery in the U.S. and signs of growth picking up once again in China. This augurs well for chemicals companies such as Air Products & Chemicals Inc. (NYSE: APD) and Solazyme Inc. (NASDAQ: SZYM).

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2012 was a challenging year for the global chemicals industry. While growth in China slowed down, concerns over the fiscal cliff led to an uncertain economic environment in the U.S., Europe was the weakest link, however. The Eurozone debt crisis escalated in mid-2012 as borrowing costs for peripheral the region’s economies rose sharply. Most of Europe is also in a deep recession. All these macro developments led to a weak demand for chemical products which are used in a range of industries.

While the global economy is still not out of the woods yet, the outlook has improved significantly since the start of 2013. One of major reasons behind the improved outlook has been a strong recovery in the U.S. economy. Data from the world’s largest economy has been encouraging. Also, the fiscal cliff, which was keeping businesses and consumers on the edge late last year has been averted after a last-minute deal was signed by lawmakers at the start of this year. On Monday, China reported some weak economic data, nonetheless, most of the other data from the world’s second largest economy has pointed to a rebound.

While U.S. and China are expected to drive growth for the chemicals industry in 2013, Europe remains a worry. Although concerns over the Eurozone debt crisis have eased after actions taken by the European Central Bank (ECB), the Eurozone economy is still not growing. However, the weakness in Europe will be more than offset by U.S. and China, as well as by other emerging economies.

German chemical company BASF expects global chemical production to recover this year. BASF expects global chemical production to be back on the growth track expected for the medium term.

Back in January, Air Products & Chemicals Inc. reported its financial results for the first quarter ended December 31, 2012. The company’s revenue for the December quarter rose 10%. John McGlade, Chairman, President and CEO of Air Products & Chemicals Inc., said that the company’s operating performance was encouraging and the company is seeing improvements from its cost and restructuring actions.Our free research report onAir Products & Chemicals Inc. can be downloaded upon registration at 


Solazyme Inc. reported its fourth quarter financial results last month. The company’s total revenue for the fourth quarter was $8.4 million, compared to $14.9 million reported for the same period in the previous year. Jonathon Wolfson, CEO of Solazyme Inc., noted that 2012 was a great year for the company with strong progress executing against its technology, production and commercializationgoals.Solazyme Inc.free research is available today at  




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