Volume Buzz: Ford Motor Company, Sirius XM Radio Inc, Merck & Co

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Volume Buzz: Ford Motor Company, Sirius XM Radio Inc, Merck & Co

NEW YORK, March 01, 2013 - vb-news.net, one of the leaders in providing investment alerts on U.S. stocks are announcing Investment Highlights on Ford Motor Company, Sirius XM Radio Inc, Merck & Co.

The head of Ford Motor Company(NYSE:F)’s local partner in Myanmar has said that Ford Motor Co. has signed a deal to distribute cars and pickup trucks in the country. The first showroom in Yangon is likely to open in May. 

However, Ford has only said that it is "gearing up for market entry" and that it has a local distributor.

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Once a pariah state, Myanmar is fast becoming the favorite of global investors thanks to sweeping political and economic reforms.

PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, GE, Caterpillar are some of the American brands that have signed distribution deals in Myanmar.

However, companies are still taking baby steps and hesitAting to go all out and make heavy investments, fearing reinstatement of sanctions by the US. Also, the economic landscape has more room for change. As of now, only a few industries are beginning to open up. 

Restrictions on vehicle imports once tightly controlled were loosened in late 2011, transforming the streets of Yangon, considered the country's commercial capital. In February, the Danish brewer Carlsberg announced its joint venture with Myanmar Golden Star Breweries to distribute and produce beer in the country. This is significant in that it signals the entry of a foreign player into a space hitherto dominated by military-owned companies. In 1996, Carlsberg was forced to abandon plans to work with Golden Star thanks to pressure from human rights activists.

Ford's Myanmar distributor, Capital Automotive, is part of the Capital Diamond Star Group, a conglomerate with interests in trading, distribution, construction and real estate.

Another group company, Diamond Star Co., has became the sole importer and distributor for PepsiCo's products in Myanmar. 

Meanwhile, Liberty Media Corp has said that the search for a CEO for Sirius XM Radio Inc(NASDAQ:SIRI) is happening in earnest and that it has seen several strong internal and external candidates. A final decision will be made in the "next few months".

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After having solid rally in 2012, the stock has been showing nice uptrend so far this year as well as it has gained another 10% and reached a multi-year high of $3.25 recently.

A study of Merck & Co., Inc.(NYSE:MRK) cholesterol therapy drug Tredaptive has found that its use raised rates of muscle pain and weakness in patients.

The drug firm stopped selling the medicine globally this year since it was found to be ineffective and possibly harmful. The company had said that it would not seek U.S. approval for the drug, though it was approved in about 70 countries and was being sold in about 40.

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The study published in the European Heart Journal, that the muscle pain and weakness were common features in Chinese patients with rates four times higher than those on placebo or of Europeans in the study of 25,673 patients.

Tredaptive combines the vitamin niacin, which has been shown to help with cholesterol levels, with the experimental medicine laropiprant, added to reduce a face-flushing effect of the vitamin.

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