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News Room / Top Insider Trades: ViaSat Inc. (VSAT), Aeroflex Holding Corp. (ARX), and Health Management Associates Inc. (HMA)

Top Insider Trades: ViaSat Inc. (VSAT), Aeroflex Holding Corp. (ARX), and Health Management Associates Inc. (HMA)

Insiderslab.com has issued insider trading reports and equity research for the following companies: ViaSat Inc. (VSAT), Aeroflex Holding Corp. (ARX), and Health Management Associates Inc. (HMA).

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Report Highlights:

ViaSat Inc. (VSAT): FPR Partners LLC, 10% shareholders of (VSAT) made a market purchase of 60,000 shares on Dec 31, 2013.  Total purchase amount US$2.3 million with average trading price US$36.13 - US$39.74.  SEC insider trading record showed that insiders three months buying reached US$55.65 million and three months selling was only US$2.44 million.  (VSAT) share price formed upward trend in the past 3 weeks and insiders are keep buying.

Read Full Report: http://www.insiderslab.com/PR3/010213B/VSAT/ViaSat.pdf

Aeroflex Holding Corp. (ARX): According to SEC insider trading form 4 report, (ARX) insiders have totally acquired US$2.59 million worth of stock in the last three months, which ranged in price from US$5.5 to US$6.5. The 3 month chart showed (ARX) formed strong upward trend and did not found any insiders selling.  What are the company CEO, CFO, and Directors are waiting for?

Read Full Report: http://www.insiderslab.com/PR3/010213B/ARX/Aeroflex.pdf

Health Management Associates Inc. (HMA): Large institution purchase observed, Glenview Capital Management, 10% shareholders of (HMA) purchased 500,000 shares on Dec 27 and Dec 28, 2012.  Total purchase amount was US$58.7 million with average price US$9.0-US$9.19. Insiderslab.com believes that it is a clever way to check if insiders like institutional investors, CEOs, CFOs, and Directors in Intel are starting to buy more company shares. See insider trade report for (HMA) here.

Read Full Report: http://www.insiderslab.com/PR3/010213B/HMA/HealthManagement.pdf


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