Pacific Therapeutics Announces Positive Results from Recent Clinical Trial of Lead Product PTL-202

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Pacific Therapeutics Announces Positive Results from Recent Clinical Trial of Lead Product PTL-202

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA- (November 13, 2012) - Pacific Therapeutics Ltd. (the "Issuer") is a development stage specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the identification and development of drug candidates to treat diseases of excessive scarring (fibrosis).

The Issuer is pleased to provide the results of the phase 1 trial of PTL-202 and an update on the development of PL-202 including future plans.

The Issuer initiated its first clinical trial of PTL-202 in August of this year. PTL-202 is a fixed dose combination of Pentoxifylline and NAC (the "Active Ingredients"). The development of PTL-202 is targeted at fibrosis including Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis ("IPF") and Bronchiolitis Obliterans (excessive scarring) associated with lung transplant and Liver Cirrhosis. IPF is responsible for more deaths annually than either prostate or breast cancer.

The trial was designed to test for interaction between the drugs combined in PTL-202. The trial indicated that when given in combination, to healthy males, plasma concentrations of Active Ingredients in PTL-202 is increased and therapeutic effects such as vasodilation are enhanced. Side effects were consistent with the increased concentrations. Given the positive result of this trial, the data from this trial will be used by the Issuer and its development partner, IntelGenx Corp. to fine tune the dosages and delivery profile in the formulated product. PTL-202 is being formulated using the proprietary AdVersa multi-layer controlled release technology from IntelGenx Corp. The combination of a proprietary dosage and delivery may eliminate potential competition from existing manufacturers of Pentoxifylline and NAC.

Upon completion of the formulation and cGMP manufacturing the Issuer will seek approval for a clinical trial of the formulated product.


Pacific Therapeutics Ltd is a clinical stage specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the identification and development of drug candidates suitable for reformulation and repurposing. The lead program is focused on diseases of excessive scarring (fibrosis).

The company's lead drug candidate for fibrosis, PTL-202 is a combination of Pentoxifylline (a FDA approved drug used for treating intermittent claudication) and N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) an amino acid and an extremely potent and important antioxidant. PTL-202 has completed initial trials in humans and is being developed to treat fibrosis.

The Company's strategy includes reformulating approved drugs to increase efficacy and patient compliance, completing the further clinical testing, manufacturing and other regulatory requirements sufficient to seek marketing authorizations. This strategy may reduce the risk, time and cost of developing therapies for fibrosis by avoiding the risks associated with basic research and using compounds with unknown safety and toxicity profiles.


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