ISee3D Inc. Announces Major Global Agreement With Hungary-Based 3DHISTECH

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ISee3D Inc. Announces Major Global Agreement With Hungary-Based 3DHISTECH

3D Medical Imaging Deal to Improve Detection and Treatment of Disease with World Leader in Medical Scanners

March 20, 2012. Vancouver, BC, Budapest, Hungary. ISee3d Inc. (TSX-V: ICT) a leader in the development of unique 3D image capture technologies, today announced an exclusive supply and distribution agreement with 3DHISTECH Kft. of Budapest Hungary, a major designer and developer of digital medical slide scanner hardware and software solutions for digital pathology.

While the terms of the agreement were not disclosed, ISee3D will be the exclusive suppliers of 3D image capture technology to be included in 3DHISTECH scanners for the medical market. 3DHISTECH has the second largest installed scanner base with more than 600 digital histology slide scanners sold globally.

"To satisfy 3DHISTECH's mandate to maintain our leadership position in the digital pathology scanning market, we scour the world for the best technologies available to enhance our product offerings," said Dr. Bela Molnar, founder and Chief Executive Officer of 3DHISTECH. "When the technologies of ISee3D's single lens system are coupled with our scanners, the resulting 3D image quality and capture is well ahead of any product on the market today. We believe that this next generation product set will be extremely well received by the global pathology community. Optical microscopy is 3D, digital microscopy and pathology will be now as well!"

3D imaging is becoming the de facto preference among many medical professionals for disease detection, especially in the early detection and treatment of deadly diseases such as cancer.

"3DHISTECH is a world leader in scanner technology used in pathology, histology and cytology. ISee3D's agreement with 3DHISTECH is an extremely important relationship to distribute and showcase our technology directly into the world medical imaging sector," said Terry Debono, Chief Executive Officer of ISee3D." The 3D image quality that results from the matching of these two technologies is nothing short of astounding. We expect a long and profitable relationship with 3DHISTECH as we work with the Company to further enhance its already impressive product line."


3DHISTECH Kft is based in Budapest, Hungary and it operates world-wide through its partners. With a significant knowledge base, the company is not only adapting to the extremely fast changing field of digital pathology but it is at the forefront of technical innovation. The company began developing and producing whole slide imaging systems and digital pathology solutions ten years ago before it had achieved widespread acceptance and adoption. Now, the concept of digital slides has become a reality, providing solutions to the bottlenecks in a modern pathology lab. Learn more at:

About ISee3D

ISee3D, Inc. (Vancouver BC, Canada) has developed proprietary solutions that markedly increase the performance of new and existing imaging systems by utilizing its unique single lens/camera 3D technology. ISee3D's solutions intrinsically maintain consistent calibration and alignment and directly correct the critical issues of mismatched focal lengths, lens focus and aberrations that are characteristic of current 3D imaging techniques. ISee3D's single lens technology produces perfectly matched images and ensures that the physical and ocular discomfort experienced by surgeons, histologists, pathologists etc., as a result of prolonged 3D image viewing using dual camera techniques, is no longer an issue.

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