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Targeting is the key to any effective distribution, with the proper targeting, you will reach the right audience and be one step closer in having the engagement your looking for.

Accesswire offers more options to broadcast your message to the right audience than any other newswire.

Below are just some of the specialized and targeted methods we can distribute your message.

Geographic | TradeSocial Media | Investment Community
Investor Calendar | Investor Network

We are the only newswire that allows you to target an audience beyond the traditional media houses, financial portals and local outlets. Our dissemination network allows you to add, Registered Investment Advisors, Registered Banks & Brokers, Institutions, CFA’s, Retail shareholders interested in specific industries, Bloggers, as well as the Investor Network community.

In combination we have millions of eyeballs interested in your message.

Our customized interactive reporting allows you to get real-time distribution and engagement on your release, your company and your message.

Here is a look at some of real-time engagement analytics available on the Accesswire News Network.