How do I approve my press release?
  • You can approve your press release by either calling our team at the NewsDesk or emailing [email protected].
Where do I view a copy of my release?
  • A copy of your press release will be located on your account under the Newswire tab. Here you can see the releases that you have submitted and are now under editorial review. Once the release is on schedule for dissemination, the release will be moved to the Scheduled tab.
Will I be able to request edits after I approve the proof? 
  • Yes! You can request edits any time before the release is set to be disseminated. Note that it is best to give our editors at least 30 minutes heads up for significant changes via email to avoid delays, errors, or confusion.
Will I be able to request edits during the editorial review process?
  • Yes, call or email the Editorial team. Minor changes can be made over the phone, or, by your request, the release can be sent back to drafts so you can make whatever edits are needed.
How soon will I hear back from the Editorial team once I submit my release? 
  • Typically, you can expect to hear back from a team member within 15-20 minutes of submitting your release. 
How soon can my release be disseminated if I select Immediate Release?
  • Once our Editorial team has processed a release, please allow at least 15-20 minutes for the release to go live.
Can we edit the press release together/while we're on the phone?
  • No, while you may let the editors know what changes you need while on the phone, staying on the line while an editor polishes your release can slow down the process and potentially lead to mistakes. We do not do line edits while on the phone. You may request to see a proof after the editor has completed processing your release.
Will I get sent a draft of my release if I select Immediate Release?
  • No, our editors will not send a proof for your approval if you select Immediate Release. Instead, you will receive a confirmation email/call that will confirm your release's details (Headline, distribution/add-on options, contact info, etc.)
Why is my release back in drafts?
  • If your release has been sent back to drafts, there could be a multitude of
    • Editorial may either need specific information before they can disseminate the release.
    • There may be multiple images included as attachments, which need to be placed in the body of the release.
    • The release has been rejected by our Compliance team.
    • A member from your team may have requested for the release to be sent back to drafts.
  • In the case that your release has been sent back to drafts, check the email associated with your account, as Client Support will have sent an email detailing the reason behind your release being sent back to drafts.
What do I do if my press release is rejected by compliance?
  • If your release is rejected by compliance, they will always give a specific explanation as to what guidelines were not met via email. The best thing to do if this happens is to make the necessary changes and resubmit to Editorial.
How do I know that my information will be correct/well-formatted?
  • Our Editorial team will send you either a proof of your release, which must be approved before being placed on schedule, or a Confirmation email with details of your release.
I selected HOLD FOR CALL; why have I not received a call yet?
  • HOLD FOR CALL means that you request to view and approve your release before it is disseminated.
I selected IMMEDIATE RELEASE; why has my release not gone out yet?
  • Once our Editorial team has processed a release, please allow at least 15-20 minutes for the release to go live.
How do I cancel a release?
  • To cancel a release, reach out to our NewsDesk team via email or phone, and they will fulfill your request.
How can I completely delete a release from drafts?
  • To completely delete a release, reach out to our NewsDesk team via email or phone, and they will fulfill your request.
I can't submit my release through the portal. What do I do?
  • Worry not; reach out to Client Support or directly to your sales rep, who should be able to help you with this situation promptly.
Will my personal contact information be shared in the press release?
  • No! Only the contact information you provide and approve to go in the release will be in the release. Your personal contact information is simply a means of communication between you and our team.
Is there a specific image resolution I must use for my images?
  • No, as long as the images are of good quality, you will not have to worry about the size.
Will my images be center-aligned and properly sized once disseminated?
  • Yes, your images will be properly sized and aligned after an editor finishes processing your release.
Can the images reach the width of the entire page like a Word Document?
  • No, while Word Documents are optimized to mimic a printer sheet of paper, press releases are made to fit on a webpage and, unfortunately, cannot be made to fit a webpage/computer screen page.
Can you embed a video in the press release.
  • Yes! We can only embed Vimeo and YouTube videos.
What does Editorial do?
  • Our Editorial team checks for significant errors in the text, format the release, and makes sure that it is all ready to be disseminated. Our Editorial team does not write press releases for clients, take credit card information for your bundles, or make significant changes to the material without alerting the client first.
Whom do I speak to about distribution options?
  • Our knowledgeable sales representatives can best guide you through your distribution options. You can reach one of our sales reps by calling our mainline.
My distribution report isn't showing certain sites. What's up with that?
  • Please allow at least 24 hours for your distribution report to fully reflect the appropriate and up-to-date data.
Is it guaranteed that major outlets will pick up my release?
  • Each package or bundle has certain guarantees that can be discussed with a sales rep. Certain sites have guidelines that can be discussed with a sales rep prior to release submission.
How do I know what sites my release has been sent to?
  • On your dashboard, you can now easily see your press release history. It shows your release's pickup, engagement, and all-time views.
How will I know when my release has been disseminated?
  • Once your release has gone live, you will automatically receive an email stating the dissemination details.