What is a Press Kit?

Every business has its story to tell, and the press kit is the first chapter.

Also known as media kits, these digital packages are a brief introduction to who you are as a company, what services you provide, and any new products you’re launching. Press kits offer an array of benefits to businesses, whether it’s to save you time when communicating a message or to attract the attention of potential clients and investors.

Ready to learn how to make a press kit with the right intention?

Read on for everything you need to include and how they can be used as a powerful marketing tool for your business.

What’s Included in a Press Kit?
Long before the digital age, press kits were one of the tools for public relations that were printed and delivered in person or by mail to media outlets of interest to share a pertinent news story or to announce the launch of a new good or service. Nowadays, press kits are largely found—and preferred—in digital form or combined with a digital newsroom.

So, what is an electronic press kit?

Simply put, it’s an easy-to-update, easy-to-disperse form of a traditional press kit and includes six key elements.

#1 A Company Profile
What is your business all about? What values do you choose to uphold? What’s your origin story? The answers to these questions could give you something to talk about for hours on end.

When it comes to your online media kit, however, brevity is your secret weapon.

Think of it like speed dating for businesses—you want to spark interest quickly, without drowning your business in mystery or confusion. Do your best to highlight your company, as well as some of its key team members, in a way that covers the whole story without covering an entire page.

Your company profile should show what sets you apart from the rest and what core values are the driving force behind what you do. Aside from those probing questions, this part of your company media kit should also cover the basics such as:
  • Business address
  • General contact info
  • Specific contact information of whoever manages press inquiries
  • Links to social media
  • Link to the company website
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#2 Details About a Specific Product or Service
Your business knows the ins and outs of the products and services you offer but the general public typically does not.

Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. What are the most important features of what you have to offer? What distinguishes it from other goods and services on the market?

Again, now’s not the time to write a multi-page dissertation.

Summarize the primary value propositions of your product and organize them into bullet points on a press release page in your company press kit. Anticipate questions you think the public might have and address them in a brief FAQ section.

#3 Testimonials
It’s like word-of-mouth marketing but in digital form. Whether you’re trying to build trust in your business or generate a buzz around a new service or product, testimonials can help eliminate any doubts and hesitance that your target audience might have.

Nearly three-quarters of consumers say that a positive review will make them more inclined to trust an unfamiliar business.1 Set aside a section of your media kit to include a few testimonials that will speak to the integrity of your brand or the usefulness of your services.

#4 High-Quality Images
Not every picture needs to be perfectly curated and polished, but if there ever was a time to showcase your best angle, it’s now. Particularly, if you’re dispersing an updated company press kit to highlight a new product, it should put that product in its best light.

In a world where well-curated visuals can make all the difference when it comes to reading through an article or passing it by, it’s important to meet these trends where they’re at. Plus, it makes the job easier for journalists who are taking on a story and need quick access to a company-approved gallery of images to complete their piece.

#5 Awards
Take the public on a tour of your trophy shelf. Beyond the humble bragging rights, this is an opportunity to show people that it’s not just you who thinks highly of your brand. Consumers who are unfamiliar with your business may be more inclined to invest in you if others are already singing your praises.

Be sure to reserve a small section in your press kit for industry awards your company has received in recent years. What has your business done exceptionally well? What has earned you consistent recognition over the years? Don’t be shy about patting yourself on the back and clueing the world in about your all-star status.

#6 A Cohesive Design
Your digital press kit isn’t just about the content. What’s inside matters, of course, but how each page is tied together into one cohesive unit does too. Work with your design team to make sure your press kit is a proper visual representation of who your business is and what you stand for.

Pay attention to things such as graphics, brand colors, and readability. There’s no doubt about the fact that your business offers unique value unlike any other within the market, but your best attributes could run the risk of getting lost under a poorly designed electronic press kit.

Benefits of Having a Press Kit for Your Business
Aside from simply looking nice and conveying important information, an effective press kit is a tool that can benefit businesses of any size and across several different verticals. Whether they help to initiate a long-term business relationship or simply save time when communicating with the press, media kits are worth making an investment in. Here’s why:
  • Efficiency – When you’re running a business, saving time on smaller, more tedious tasks is an essential part of allocating more resources to projects that matter most. There’s no need to spend hours in a back-and-forth email correspondence exchanging contact info, product fact sheets, and company history. Putting everything into one, shareable space saves time for you and the journalists who are working hard to share your story.
  • Control over your brand’s story – Your company, your voice. Make sure your business is the author of its own story. Press kits allow you to tell the world more about who you are using the tone, facts, and angle of your choosing.

    This way, media outlets can pull directly from the source to complete their article—not from a long line of misinterpreted messages from people who are telling your story on your behalf.
  • Define your brand identity – Aside from allowing you to control your own narrative, a digital press kit is a way for you to spend some time thinking about what, exactly, that narrative is. It’s easy to get caught in the daily demands of running a business, but it’s important not to overlook who you are at the end of the day.

    Setting aside time to put your identity into words is a practice that allows companies not only to evaluate their current status but also helps them to clearly outline where they see themselves going in the future.
  • Fosters partnerships – Potential partners will want to know more about your company when making the decision about whether or not to join forces. Help them feel confident in their decision to invest in you by providing a digital media kit that is transparent and thorough. Give them all the facts, highlight your past successes, and outline your values to see if they align with theirs.

    Don’t miss the chance to partner with someone new based on a poor first impression. Polish up your online press kit and increase your chances of building a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership.
  • Orient new employees – Media kits don’t just have to be put to use outside of your business. They can be a helpful tool used to orient new employees internally, too. For any new hires that may have questions about the specifics of your brand, direct them to the online press kit for a brief introduction before you get the chance to dive deeper with them into the inner workings of your company.
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So again, what is a media press kit? It’s an indispensable tool that saves you time and gives your company more opportunities for growth.

Whether you’re excited to share the news of a new product launch or simply want to put your brand’s story in front of more stakeholders, let ACCESSWIRE be the avenue through which you do so. The online newsroom at ACCESSWIRE cares about honest corporate storytelling and connecting you with new audiences who are looking to invest in brands just like yours.

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