Types of Press Releases & How They Work

In today’s fast-paced business environment, a press release allows companies to communicate significant changes or roll-outs to the public clearly and concisely.

Generally, there are 7 types of press releases. Each type serves a different purpose and marketing strategy when it comes time for your press release distribution.

In this article, we’ll explore the different types of press releases and their functions, as well as what to include to make an effective press release that is informative and stands out amongst the competition.

7 Different Types of Press Releases
Each type of press release serves a different purpose. While some releases announce a new hire, others promote a company’s new feature or product launch. In other words, the type of press release you want to use depends on what your company wishes to communicate within the press statement.

We’ve broken down the seven main types of press releases below to help you identify which type of press release best serves your story:1

#1 New Hire Release
While some companies announce new hires at all business levels, most companies reserve this type of press release for leadership changes. For instance, if a company hires a new CFO, they’ll want to announce this information to employees, customers, and investors.

Tips for a New Hire Press Release
The following tips will ensure a quick, yet effective, new hire release:
  • State the new hire’s name and position concisely. Also, provide adequate background information, emphasizing any awards and contributions they’ve made to the industry.
  • Include a quote from a member of the current executive team expressing the company’s excitement over the new hire.
  • Consider providing information about employment changes within the company. For example, if the new hire is replacing a previous employee, note where the person in the previous position will be transferring to.
#2 Awards Release
Most industries are full of companies competing with each other for their customers’ attention. What better way to make your company stand out than by publicizing recent awards and accomplishments?

In fact, an award press release can be a vital marketing PR tool. However, in business, as in life, it’s important not to gloat. There’s a fine line between celebrating your accomplishments and being overly promotional.

Tips for an Awards Release
The following tips can help you write an awards release that’s shinier than your new “Industry Best” plaque:
  • Remain as objective as possible. Even though awards releases can be celebratory, keep a professional tone and stay away from impassioned language or punctuation.
  • Include a quote from the CEO or project leader. This helps humanize the award, emphasizing the fact that businesses don’t win awards, people do.
  • Be sure to state how the award sets you apart from your competition without overtly bragging.
#3 Event Release
If your company wants to announce an event they’re involved with, you’ll want to send an event press release. In short, an event press release functions to let media members know the details of the event to attract journalists and media coverage.

For instance, suppose your company’s hosting a charity softball event. Your press release must include the who, what, where, when, and whys of the softball game. In many ways, the event press release is similar to an invite.

Tips for an Event Release
To have the most success with your event release, it’s helpful to keep the following tips in mind:
  • Decide on the best time to send a press release for the event. Send the event release well before the event’s date to give attendees enough time to RSVP.
  • Include details pertaining to how media members and the general public can purchase tickets to your softball event.
  • Make any contact information stand out, so media members can reach out with any questions before the big day.
  • State why media members should attend clearly. Time’s short. Why should people attend your event when there are other events to cover?
#4 Charitable Initiative Release
This type of press release is similar to an event release, except it focuses solely on charitable initiatives. You can use a charitable initiative release to get the word out about a charity or non-profit organization, while also communicating your company values to customers, a media outlet, and investors.

Cultivating this type of transparency into your company culture is effective when building customer trust.

Tips for a Charitable Initiative Release
Take your charitable initiative release to the next level by heeding the following tips:
  • State why your company’s taking on this initiative without sounding like a sales pitch. The worst thing you can do is make it seem like the charitable act is second to the event’s marketing impact.
  • Add quantitative details that readers can hold onto. For instance, if you’re hosting a back-to-school backpack drive, include valuable information, such as: how many backpacks were donated at last year’s drive? How much money was raised? What are this year’s goals?
  • Include a quote from a member of the charity or an employee of your company that highlights the importance of this event and how it will make an impact within the community. A human element will elevate the press release and encourage others to take part in the event.
#5 Rebranding Release
If your company is undergoing structural changes, like an acquisition, merger, or brand change, a rebranding release is used to notify stakeholders of the change.

This type of press release consolidates the entirety of your company’s rebranding’s details into one easily distributable document.

Tips for a Rebranding Release
While rebrands can be hectic, announcing them shouldn’t be. Use a rebranding release to your best possible advantage by heeding the tips below:
  • Specify what customers and investors can expect from the change. Include any important information regarding pricing, corporate structure, and new features or products.
  • State why the change is necessary and put a positive spin on it. You want to build an investor’s excitement, not worry them to the point they sell their stock.
  • Be detailed yet succinct. For instance, most people don’t need to know the minute financial details of the change.
#6 Feature/Product Release
Using a press release to launch a new product or inform customers of a new feature can excite readers, encouraging more sales and investors.

However there’s one thing to keep in mind when strategizing a product press release: Whether you’re promoting a new electric car or championing a top-of-the-line air fryer, don’t give away too much information. You want to provide just enough details so that journalists, potential investors, and customers are inspired to try it out for themselves.

Tips for a Feature/Product Release
To write a quick, yet full-of-panache, product press release, take the following tips to heart:
  • Focus on more than the new product’s details. Treat this type of release as its own marketing tool—clearly state why people should buy this product.
  • Ride the product’s hype by timing the release perfectly. If you don’t plan on offering journalists an exclusive trial period, it’s best to send the press release a few days before the product’s launch.
#7 Partnership Release
Like a rebranding release, a partnership announcement press release builds excitement for a change—in this case, a partnership with a new brand or company. However, unlike a rebranding release, you’ll have to appeal to both partnering companies’ bases.

Tips for a Partnership Release
For an effective partnership announcement press release, consider letting the following tips guide you:
  • Create a press release with the partnering company to clearly stating how your values align.
  • Convey why this partnership was entered into and what changes both companies’ customers and stakeholders can expect.
  • Include quotes from executives in both companies to allay any concerns stakeholders may have.
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What Every Type of Press Release Needs: The 6 Key Components of a Press Release
No matter the type of press release your company issues, there are six structural components that all effective press releases possess.2 Below, we’ve broken down each essential piece and how you can implement it expertly into your company’s press release format:

#1 Headline
Just as a newspaper or journal seeks to immediately captivate its audience through a concise, compelling headline, so too should a press release. An effective press release headline is straightforward, engaging, and inclusive of the press release’s objective. To that end, it should make readers want to reach for another cup of coffee before giving the press release their full attention.

#2 Summary
If the press release’s body functions as its “meat and potatoes,” the summary is its “appetizer.”

The summary should state the key points, touching on who, what, where, when, and why. In doing so, the summary provides the gist of the story you want to share with readers. However, it’s important not to give everything away in the summary. You still want to entice readers to dive into the body of the press statement.

#3 Date and Location
Including the date and location of your company’s press release is crucial as it gives it a sense of immediacy.

Generally, the date and location appear just before the first line of body text, separated by an em dash with spaces. The dateline should capitalize the entire city, abbreviate the state, and give the full date. It should look something like this: New York, NY., April 14, 2021 — First line of body text.

#4 Body
As the main component of the press release, the body should be concise and engaging. The body expands on the information provided in the summary, fully articulating the release’s key points. Like a résumé, the body works best when it packs a short, yet powerfully informative, punch. As such, limit the body of the press release to one page.

#5 Boilerplate
Although its name sounds imposing, the boilerplate is simply the “About Us” section of the press release. It provides an overview of the company, specifically highlighting the company’s objectives and operations.

Separate boilerplates from the rest of the body by including an “About [insert company name]” line.

#6 Closing
When it comes to how to end a press release, the closing isn’t so much a section as it is an indication that the release has reached its conclusion. Indicate the release’s end at the bottom of the page by inserting three pound symbols separated on either side by em dashes: — ### —

The closing symbols prevent additional information from being published as part of the press release.

Crucial Tips for Every Press Release
When crafting your company’s press release, you’ll want to make sure that it’s professionally positioned, informative, and concise. As such, we’ve outlined a few press release best practices to ensure that your press release is sharp and effective:
  • Be careful not to turn your article into clickbait by overinflating the details in your headline.
  • Be succinct. As a general rule, headlines composed of fewer than ten words work best. You’ll also want to make sure the summary and body of your press release are concise.
  • Be mindful of grammar and syntax. Capitalize the appropriate words and use the appropriate punctuation. Exclamation points should be avoided to evade emotional language or leanings.
  • Use an “inverted pyramid” organization structure in the body of the release. This means arranging the information from most important to least important.
  • Include at least two quotes from key stakeholders. Quotes are important because they provide an easily digestible source of information for reporters and a human touch to the announcement.
  • Break up long chunks of text into smaller paragraphs. In general, paragraphs of no more than 2 to 3 sentences are more digestible to readers.
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