How to Write a Press Release for New Business

After all the planning and the preparation, you’ve finally done it. You’ve just launched your business. While you’re no doubt ready and eager to see the fruits of your labor pay off and share your product with the rest of the world, it’s not time to kick your feet up just yet.

With your business officially up and running, you’ve entered a new phase of work that’s also key to your success: properly publicizing your company.

In order to get your business off the ground, people need to know about it. One of the most common ways to introduce your company to the public is through a press release. A good one will let you connect with interested customers, attract media attention to help promote your business, and drive traffic to your company website.

But what does a good press release need? How do you write one? Which press release service should you choose? We’ll cover these questions, provide a press release example for this event or business launch, and more in this comprehensive guide.

Step 1: Follow The Proper Format
The first step in writing a press or media release to advertise your new business is to make sure you’re familiar with all the necessary elements of a perfect press release. To make sure you’re covering all of them, it might be a good idea to make an outline that follows this launch press release format:
  • Catchy headline – This is the first thing your readers will see, so make sure to get their attention and draw them in. It’s also good to make sure the wording here is direct and comprehensible.
  • Lead/Subheadline – With this section of the press release template for a new business launch, you can give readers a brief summary of the story and provide a little detail. This will give context and let your audience orient themselves.
  • Dateline – A dateline should be placed at the beginning of your first paragraph and should include the location as well as the date. It lets everyone know when and where things are happening and tells readers that they’re getting current information.
  • Body text – This is the meat of your press release. These paragraphs should effectively summarize your company launch announcement or official statement, provide the most relevant and newsworthy information about your new business or new product, and then go into more concrete detail about your company.

    It’s also good to end with an explanation of why your company launch addresses a current need or solves an issue. Be sure to also follow a proper style, these could be Chicago, MLA, APA, or the AP style press release format.
  • “About Us” paragraph – Sometimes also called the boilerplate, this short paragraph should be where you put your company “about us” blurb. It helps interested parties to better understand your company.
  • Contact details – This section should contain the contact information of the employee who is responsible for handling press queries.
Though it’s important to follow the proper press release format and know how to cite a press release correctly, there are many other elements that go into writing a great press release. If you're not too sure how it should be like, check out our press release templates.

Step 2: Create A Narrative Around Your Brand
Potential customers want to know how your products or services will work for them and provide solutions. So tackling these questions in the press release launch is a smart way to answer one of the most important questions your customers will ask you. You can do this by:
  • Focusing on the innovative product your company offers
  • Highlighting how your company uniquely fills a need or solves an issue
  • Introducing your staff members who have one-of-a-kind experience
ACCESSWIRE - Submit a Press Release
Doing these things will also help build core components of your brand and introduce them to the public early. This will not only help customers better appreciate your product but also give them a sense of who you are as a company. It will also help your company seem extremely relevant to current market needs and give the news media outlet covering your release an angle to address it, which will help you drum up good, relevant press coverage.

Step 3: Include Quotes
Quotes can be a sharp way to add supporting detail to a press release. If you want to underscore a certain point or just give more context about your company’s offerings, a quote will help you get the job done. But it’s important to make sure they come from the right place.

The best quotes come from people who can speak with authority on whatever subject you’re trying to highlight. They can be:
  • Experts from your own company
  • Relevant outside parties who can provide insight
  • Those who can highlight your brand’s unique viewpoint and vision
Adding quotes to your press release will also improve your writing in two ways. First, it gives your company a stronger sense of credibility. If you have experts that can back your company up, readers will notice. Second, it makes your writing feel more specific, an important quality in business writing.

Studies have shown that more specific writing causes the brain to process writing more dynamically and activates more neurons1. So if you want to really engage your readers, adding specific quotes is an effective way to do so.

But it's also important to make sure that your quotes are doing the right work in your press release. Every quote should have the goal of emphasizing why your company is important and reinforcing the core themes of your business announcement. When done properly, quotes will also give people writing about your company something easy to pull out of your article and use to convey your message in their own reporting.

Step 4: Add Pertinent Images
If you have relevant images and media, it can be beneficial to include them in your press release. While you don’t want the release to be all images, adding one or two points of visual reference can be very appealing to readers. Images are also a fantastic way to help break up large blocks of text and make press release writing easier to read.

Examples for new business press release images that might be relevant include:
  • Fliers
  • Product images
  • The company logo
  • Images of key personnel
  • Photos of your office space
When used correctly, visuals can help make your press release a lot more eye-catching. You could use a header image to catch someone’s eye with an online press release. Or, if you don’t think your business has any relevant visuals, you can always include your company logo. Adding it will still give your press release a little pop of visual flare and has the bonus of getting lots of eyes on it, increasing familiarity with your company.

Don’t worry about fees or hidden pricing when including media in your press release—the best newswire services won’t charge you for them.

Step 5: Wrap It Up With A Call To Action
A call to action—or CTA—is an essential step in any press release. It’s where you spur readers on to take a specific type of action. CTAs are useful because they give your press release’s readers concrete direction on what to do next and keep them engaged with your business. Depending on what your business offers, potential CTAs could involve:
  • Writing a sentence to promote and highlight your product
  • Encouraging viewers to subscribe to your service
  • Directing readers to your company website
  • Steering people to a place with more information about your business
Since the end goal of writing an effective press release is to publicize and promote your business, offering a follow-up is an important way to capitalize on that attention. Statistics show that when companies included a CTA in their emails, their clicks went up by 371%, which is a massive amount2. Good publicity is important by itself, but it’s even better if you can convert it into meaningful support for your business, and including a call to action is one way to do that.

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