How to Find Topics People Want to Read About

ACCESSWIRE Blog | How to Find Topics People Want to Read About
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a crystal ball that tells you the topics your target audience wants to read?

You’d ask and then once the cloud of mysterious smoke disappeared, you’d be left with an interesting topic idea.

As much as we wish that were the case, there’s more to topic creation than that.

But, if you want to get as close to a crystal ball as possible, this blog post covers four ways you can uncover newsworthy topics to write about.

The Importance of Research in the Writing Process

The popular saying, hope isn’t a strategy is perfect for topic ideation.

You can’t simply hope that the topic you chose will move the needle.

Successful writing starts with confidence.

Confidence that the topics you chose to talk about are the ones your target audience wants to hear.

To get to this point requires a commitment to research.

If you ever feel like brushing past this part of the process, here are three benefits of research that’ll make you reconsider:

Accuracy and credibility go together.

Think about when a brand shares either out-of-date or inaccurate information. How does your perception change?  Odds are you'll start to question whether the information they share moving forward is credible and trustworthy. Research gives brands time to double and sometimes triple check that the information they've found is valid and worthy of talking about.

Here we are talking about confidence again, but the research phase is an empowering one.

That's because the more you know about a topic, the more details you can add to your writing. This results in publishing authoritative, thought leader content that shows and doesn't just tell readers you're a topic matter expert.

While everyone’s approaching a topic one way, research can help you view it from a different angle. New details and a fresh perspective can breathe new life into the topic.

By doing this, you'll attract more attention to your brand which helps build awareness.
Now we know the why behind the research.

Let’s learn more about the how.  

Four Ways to Find Topics People Want to Read About

Social Media
Though there’s an overwhelming amount of content available at our fingertips, there are ways to sift through the clutter and find the trends you’re looking for.

Here's how:
  • Use the native search bar – This is a free and valuable tool you can use to see what your target audience is interested in. To begin, type a relevant keyword into the social network’s search bar and from there, look at the top-performing posts. What were the topics? Do they apply to your brand? What type of content was it? Keep digging and look for posts that sparked the most engagement and ask yourself the same questions.
  • Follow industry influencers – They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and while you won’t want to copy exactly what influencers are doing, you’ll want to take a page from their book to point you in the right direction.
Google It
I’m not suggesting this to be sarcastic, I’m suggesting it because it works.

Head over to Google and type a keyword into the search bar.

I want you to pay attention to two sections on the search engine results page.
  • People Also Ask
  • Related Searches
These sections are like the breadcrumbs that’ll lead you to topics your audience wants to read. They’ll help deepen your search and understanding of how you can create and share valuable information about the topic.

Google Trends
Since we’re on the subject of Google, try out Google Trends.

This feature is a helpful one as it shares insights on the top trending searches at any given time.

You can also tailor your search by using specific keywords and categories to explore past and present trends along with interest by region and related topics.

Industry Publications
Keep your eye out for updates from industry publications as they’ll share articles that can fuel your ideation for future press release campaigns. Create a running list of industry publications and get into the habit of visiting their websites at least once per week to see if there’s new content for you to read.

Inspiration’s all around us and the more research we do, the more inspired we’ll become.

Whether it’s a blog, social post or a press release campaign, identifying and developing content around trending topics is an excellent way for brands to build awareness and position themselves as thought leaders in their industry.