3 Benefits of Press Release Distribution

ACCESSWIRE Blog | 3 Benefits of Press Release Distribution
When you bake a cake, every ingredient plays an important role in creating a delicious final product.

Even something as simple as forgetting to add baking soda can throw off the entire recipe.

The same applies to a media and marketing communications strategy.

Every channel - email, social media, content and more serves an important purpose in creating a unified strategy that generates true value and real results.

The baking soda in this marketing cake is press release distribution.

Press releases are a tried-and-true marketing approach that helps companies deliver news, announcements, and stories to the media and target audiences.

Refocusing on Press Release Distribution

Competition for consumer and media attention has grown and staying top of mind has become exponentially harder.   Businesses’ backs are against the wall and over the years, press releases moved from being THE way to share your news to JUST another task on the to-do list.

Because of this mindset shift, companies small and large, public and private, have left opportunities to build their brand, strengthen their reputation and capture their piece of market share on the table.

At ACCESSWIRE, we’ve built our company on our belief in the power of press release distribution to help brands communicate their news to the media and their target audience.

If you’re still on the fence of whether or not press release distribution is right for your brand, keep reading.  

3 Benefits of Press Release Distribution

Marketing connector
There’s an insatiable hunger for attention these days. And, with an influx of information on the internet, companies have to find new ways to stand out.

Consistent press release distribution acts as the thread that pulls brands closer to their target audience.

It’s this connection that helps companies capture and keep attention all while securing their place in the market.

Adam B., a Marketing Manager and ACCESSWIRE customer echoed this sentiment as he explained how beneficial our press release distribution services are in helping him rise above the noise, “It's helping us get the word out about our company and ultimately bringing us more business.”

Manage the message
Perception is everything and press releases can help shape how the public views a company. Brands can control the narrative by determining what's important and share their vision and promote their value. They can also address any statements made about them by external parties.
Strategic targeting
Imagine this – your significant other wants a chocolate cake for their birthday.

You don’t follow any instructions; you just add whatever you have in your pantry (none of which are chocolate related).

Sounds like a recipe (pun intended) for wasted time, energy, and the silent treatment, doesn’t it? That’s what it feels like when you work with a wire service that gets you story pick-ups in irrelevant media publications.

Sure, you’re moving, but not in the right direction of meeting and exceeding your goals.

Our services at ACCESSWIRE are important pieces of the recipe that helps you cast a wider net and reach relevant media publications so you can reach your destination, faster by turning your owned media into earned media.

For nearly 20 years, we’ve helped companies around the globe amplify their messaging with our powerful distribution channels and flat-fee pricing. If you're interested in learning how our services can help your business, contact us today.