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Clearstep Unveils Advanced Self-Service Booking for Specialist Care

Wednesday, 12 June 2024 07:41 AM


New AI-driven technology integration marks a first in the U.S., enhancing patient access to specialized care and streamlining complex scheduling processes

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / June 12, 2024 / Clearstep, in collaboration with a major New York health system, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking Sub-Specialist Qualification and Scheduling feature. This pioneering feature is the first in the U.S. to integrate a specialist scheduling decision tree, typically used by human call center agents, into an automated, self-service workflow that starts with triage.

The new Clearstep feature is a thorough system designed to guide patients from the onset of symptoms to booking an appointment with the appropriate sub-specialist. It evaluates all possible care options according to clinical gold standards and the specific business rules of the health system, ensuring that patients receive the most suitable care at every step.

Clearstep can take the complex referral decision-making processes used by a health system's specialists and turn them into a simple, automated self-service referral qualification system. This system seamlessly integrates with Clearstep's market-leading symptom triage and navigation experience.

While Clearstep collaborates with 15+ health systems across the country to enhance access to care via digital tools that accurately route patients to the appropriate level of care based on their symptoms, this latest product feature expands care routing capabilities to go deeper into scheduling with specific sub-specialists.

The feature addresses the long-standing challenges health systems face in managing specialist decision trees, traditionally overwhelming call centers with complex and time consuming inquiries. Despite a desire to automate this process, health systems have been unable to accurately translate the vast and nuanced decision pathways necessary for specialist qualification and scheduling into an automated, patient-facing, self-service workflow capable of providing assurance that patients are booking the right care.

Through a highly collaborative process with the New York health system, Clearstep integrated its urology department's decision tree into an intuitive patient-facing interface, providing targeted care coordination and improved access to specialized healthcare services.

Key Advancements of the Sub-Specialist Scheduling Workflow

  • Specialty Evaluation: Assesses if a urology consultation is clinically appropriate for the patient (and if not, triages the patient elsewhere in the system).
  • Specialist Matching: Matches patients with the right urologist based on symptom analysis and health system business rules.
  • Identification of NPIs and Visit Types: Accurately identifies necessary provider details and visit types.
  • Automated Scheduling: Displays available appointment times for the identified subspecialists for patient booking.
  • Integrated Booking: Allows seamless appointment booking through EMR systems, in this case, Epic.

"We are proud to have paved this new path in healthcare innovation with our first deployment of an automated triage and sub-specialist scheduling system," said Adeel Malik, CEO of Clearstep. "This collaboration with our NY health system partner is a testament to our commitment to transform healthcare delivery and enhance patient outcomes with advanced solutions."

Bilal Naved, Chief Product Officer at Clearstep, said, "This initial deployment is just the beginning of our efforts to modernize how specialist appointments are qualified, prioritized, and booked- and it demonstrates our unwavering dedication to ease the burdens on healthcare systems while enhancing access to all types of care."

With plans to expand this service to other specialties, Clearstep is leading the way in transforming healthcare management across all levels and types of care. This feature is available now to all patients and promises to improve how health systems manage specialist referrals, access, and patient bookings.

About Clearstep

Clearstep is a leading digital health company that helps healthcare organizations and patients create an individual roadmap to the right care at the right time and place. Clearstep's Smart Care Routing™ AI assistants for self-triage and healthcare navigation harness rigorously validated and curated AI models that empower patients to navigate their healthcare needs securely. Clearstep's impact extends across call centers, websites, mobile apps, patient portals, and 2-way SMS platforms. Through these mediums, it seamlessly automates symptom assessments, streamlines triage processes, addresses routine patient inquiries, facilitates remote patient monitoring, and optimizes administrative and clinical workflows. Learn more at or find Clearstep on LinkedIn.

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