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Xiao-I Realizes Optimization for Deltapath’s Unified Communications Services via Incorporation of Hua Zang Universal Large Language Model

Tuesday, 28 May 2024 02:20 AM

Xiao-I Corporation

SHANGHAI, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / May 28, 2024 / Xiao-I Corporation (NASDAQ:AIXI) ("Xiao-I" or the "Company"), a leading cognitive artificial intelligence ("AI") enterprise in China, has entered into a collaboration with Deltapath Inc. ("Deltapath"), a Unified Communications company specializing in revolutionizing how organizations and people communicate. This collaboration aims to integrate Xiao-I's Hua Zang Universal Large Language Model ("LLM") into Deltapath's Unified Communications Platform (the "Platform"), signifying Xiao-I's commitment to empowering innovation within the communication service industry and propelling business success for its eco-partners.

Deltapath's Unified Communications aspires to provide a secure all-in-one communication services platform that facilitates internal collaboration within enterprises. To address the challenge of efficiently organizing and presenting core project information for clients, Xiao-I and Deltapath collaboratively engineered tailored solutions, aiming to create concise project summaries for clients' internal teams' rapid comprehension of project intricacies and advancements. Xiao-I dedicated three weeks to thoroughly analyzing and delving into Deltapath's accumulated project data. Leveraging the capabilities of the Hua Zang Universal LLM, the Platform's instant messaging module boasts an AI-driven "Intelligent Assistant" feature, empowering users with streamlined access to generate a summary of multi-party chat records. This integration augments the Platform's customer experience and product competitiveness in the marketplace.

"The collaboration with Deltapath stands as a paradigmatic example for the application of the Hua Zang Universal LLM in the communication service industry," said Wen Chencheng, Senior Director of Xiao-I. "The Hua Zang Universal LLM adheres to its unwavering pursuit of being ‘Controllable, Customizable, and ‘Deliverable' since its inception, aspiring to create versatile LLM-based solutions tailored to various business needs and realize its implementation across multiple verticals."

"We are very pleased to be able to participate in this Hua Zang Universal LLM Co-creation project," said Aming Guo, Country Manager of Deltapath. "With its core technological features of the Hua Zang Universal LLM as well as the expertise and experiences in AI commercialization and implementation from Xiao-I, we are able to address problems such as ‘information gaps and delays in communication' and effectively improve project communication efficiency. Incorporating Xiao-I's Hua Zang Universal LLM into our instant messaging scenarios is a crucial step for enhancing our AI competitiveness. We look forward to further collaborating with Xiao-I to jointly explore the Hong Kong and Southeast Asia markets to fully leverage our strengths in co-creation, improving our core competitiveness in the unified communication industry and delivering more application scenarios and business implementations."

Xiao-I's Hua Zang Universal LLM has successfully launched and implemented highly customized solutions for its numerous customers spanning various industries. This deployment has led to significant enhancements in internal operational efficiency, external customer service effectiveness, and customer product experiences. The implementation of the Hua Zang Universal LLM has resulted in significant cost savings and efficiency enhancement for its users, signifying the Hua Zang Universal LLM's systematic progression towards scalable commercialization.

To learn more about Xiao-I's Hua Zang Universal LLM and explore its application and commercialization scenarios, please visit

About Xiao-I Corporation

Xiao-I is leading the development of the global AI industry with cognitive intelligence as its core. Since its establishment in 2001, the Company has focused on natural language processing-based cognitive intelligence patents and their industrial applications. Upholding a customer-oriented core value, Xiao-I offers a range of solutions and comprehensive services from technology to products for global enterprise customers.
After over 20 years of dedicated efforts, Xiao-I's technologies have been deployed in thousands of application scenarios across various sectors, such as customer service center, intelligent finance, smart enterprises, smart energy and transportation, smart education, smart healthcare, smart manufacturing, intelligent parks, and intelligent construction and communication. For more information, please visit:

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