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GAIMIN to Dominate the Web3 Gaming Industry

Monday, 27 May 2024 04:55 PM

ZUG, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / May 27, 2024 / GAIMIN, the world's leader in delivering decentralised data processing through, today announces strategic plans to dominate the Web3 gaming space and create "the Amazon of Web3 gaming"; a one-stop-shop for Web3 game studios to deliver Web3 games.

To date the Web3 gaming industry has been largely stifled by an inability of technology to support the demanding requirements of gaming, including slow blockchain transaction validation with high latency and a lack of scalability. Games require fast processing of transactional gameplay data, immediate validation of transactions, and no lag or delayed processing of data. Traditional mainnet blockchains typically also have high gas fees to pay for transaction validation which can make the costs of Web3 gaming completely unrealistic. Finally, complex onboarding processes combined with the need to create Web3 wallets, link them to a game and ensure sufficient local chain currencies are added to pay for transaction validation are all a limiting factor in take up of this technology by games studios.

Today, GAIMIN announces plans to add to their gaming ecosystem a range of interoperable services to mitigate and eliminate barriers to entry for Web3 developers. GAIMIN's aim is to become the "Amazon of Web 3 gaming"; providing a one-stop-shop for Web3 games studios to implement Web3 technology. All the games studios will need to do is design the game!

GAIMIN's Web3 technology and services include:

A blockchain solution dedicated to gaming. In conjunction with the highest quality partners (GAIMIN are currently talking with partners of the calibre of opBNB and Movement Labs), GAIMIN's blockchain solution layer will look to massively improve transaction throughput from 4k Transactions Per Second (TPS) to over 150k TPS, reduce gas fees and provide an easily scalable and adaptable service.

Monetization - Increasing gamer purchasing power. GAIMIN currently rewards gamers allowing their GPUs to participate in the processing of data for video rendering, powering AI models and the powering of blockchain transactions. GAIMIN is extending PC component utilisation to include the CPU, storage and spare bandwidth capacity.

GAIMIN Monetization Engine (GME). GAIMIN's Monetization Engine allows easy addition of monetization components through partnerships and collaborations. An example is a recent partnership with a company who also provides access to a GPU data processing network and needs ad hoc processing capability at times of peak demand. Integrated through GAIMIN's platform, when requested, GAIMIN will provide this company with access to its DePIN, supporting their orchestrated data processing requirements whilst paying our gamers for use of their devices. GAIMIN platform can switch data processing jobs within minutes increasing rewards for gamers!

Seamless user experience via advanced implementation - such as Account Abstraction (ERC 4337). Simplification of the onboarding process and enabling developers to easily deliver wallet integration, gas fee payments in any cryptocurrency, simple but secure registration amongst many other features.

GMRX. GAIMIN's CEX and DEX listed cryptocurrency, integrated as an in-game economy providing real-world value and asset payment capability for holders of the cryptocurrency.

Web3 Gaming Developer Portal. Provision of a portal to support games engine integration through APIs and SDKs, monetization tools and tokenomics dashboards, full analytics and BI dashboards, built in security and fraud management and detection, and interoperability tools for cross-game asset utilisation.

Integrated and interoperable Web3 components. Integrated Web3 technology components, such as wallets, marketplace etc.

Games launcher and an active engaged user community. Gamers can easily try new games using their privately owned digital assets and crypto and move to other games through the interoperable Web3 components provided by GAIMIN.

Gaming marketplace. Offering users access to true ownership of their in-game assets, stored as NFTs, with real utility, interoperability, and cross-game capability.

Token Launchpad. GAIMIN's planned launchpad can offer new games the option to launch their token to a fully engaged and active audience.

The Colosseum. Providing fans of the Gaimin Gladiators with a unique fan experience. The Colosseum is a fan token powered service, converting (and locking) GMRX utilised within the portal into a fan token and delivering bespoke content, money-cannot-buy experiences and a fully engaged community.

Martin Speight, CEO of GAIMIN commented, "GAIMIN's strategy is to be the ubiquitous provider of Web3 gaming services; a one-stop-shop approach for studios to drive forward their Web3 games development. With a ready made blockchain, in game economy, gaming ecosystem, onboarding process and interoperable digital asset utilisation, combined with a ready made monetization approach to earn whilst they play, GAIMIN will be the "go to" Web3 infrastructure, service and technology provider for the next evolution of the gaming industry. Gamers gaming through GAIMIN will use their passively earned rewards to pay for their gaming!"

Martin added, "Over the coming months, GAIMIN will steadily release its Web3 gaming components with the ultimate aim to deliver the world's best interoperable Web3 gaming service. GAIMIN's technology and services will mitigate and eliminate the major barriers to entry for games developers moving to Web3 gaming. With over 100 Web2 games soon to be available within our games launcher, all ready to be converted to Web3, GAIMIN will be at the forefront of the gaming paradigm shift to Web3 gaming."

GAIMIN will deliver the technology, the ecosystem, the in-game economy, true digital asset ownership, cross-game digital asset use, a simple but secure on-boarding process, and a ready made player community who can passively generate their own rewards. GAIMIN will provide a self-sustaining gaming experience, with true digital asset ownership and the ability to use digital assets within all the games they play.

Martin concluded, "As the global demand for gaming grows, GAIMIN will be at the forefront of the transition to Web3 and blockchain based game solutions. Through our knowledge and expertise in Web3, combined with our technology services to monetize gamers devices and return rewards back to users, along with our continued alignment with Gaimin Gladiators, the world's best esport team, GAIMIN will be the only full-service company for gaming solutions."

GAIMIN's ability to reach the global gaming audience through their current audience, downloads, users, proven digital marketing and the huge exposure achieved via Gaimin Gladiators' billions of impressions offers game studios a totally unique opportunity!


GAIMIN.IO Ltd (GAIMIN) is a UK and Swiss-based gaming company focused on helping the gaming community monetize the computational power of their gaming PC. GAIMIN has created a decentralised data processing network harnessing underutilised processing power typically found in gaming PCs to create a world-wide decentralised data processing network, delivering supercomputer performance.

With a free-to-download PC-based application, GAIMIN monetizes the under utilised performance through innovative approaches to delivering supercomputer-level data processing performance from a world-wide network of independent processing devices which power GAIMIN.CLOUD. Focusing initially on video rendering and AI data processing, with an always available service to power blockchain computations, the GAIMIN data processing network is continuously delivering data processing services and returning rewards back to its user community.

GAIMIN rewards users in its own cryptocurrency, GMRX which can then be used for purchases on the GAIMIN Marketplace for NFTs, in-game assets, accessories, and merchandise, or it can be converted to fiat or a different cryptocurrency.

For more information on GAIMIN click on this link:

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For further information, please contact:

The Americas, Middle East and Australian Pacific - Andrew Faridani, Chief Marketing Officer for GAIMIN (based in Toronto, Canada): [email protected]

UK and Europe - Marc Bray, Chief Communications Officer for GAIMIN (based in Manchester, UK): [email protected]


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