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The Collaboration Between GreeneLife Philanthropic, established under Xexus Greene Energy, LLC, and the Order of Guardians, established under Sidney Resource Corp., Presents a Vision for a Sustainable Future

Wednesday, 22 May 2024 08:00 AM

Sidney Resources Corp.

WARREN, ID / ACCESSWIRE / May 22, 2024 / Sidney Resources Corporation (OTC Pink:SDRC) is pleased to announce that we have completed the filings required to establish the Order of Guardians 501(c)(3) organization in Idaho. In the realm of environmental stewardship and public health, the collaboration between GreeneLife Philanthropic and Order of Guardians represents a beacon of hope and action. As 501(c)(3) organizations, they share a common vision: to foster environmental resilience and promote overall well-being. Their partnership is a testament to the power of unity in addressing the pressing challenges of our time. In the midst of climate change and the growing need for action. This collaboration is a statement to the world, that they are rising to the calling of technical action that is highly needed. Helping reset standards and improving methodologies, is a stance that we are taking for environmental justice. We do not accept the bare minimum, and are actively choosing to create and work toward solutions to positively impact the health of people and the planet alike. Helping heal the Earth is choosing to heal ourselves.

GreeneLife Philanthropic and the Order of Guardians share a commitment to environmental stewardship and community well-being. GreeneLife Philanthropic brings to the table a wealth of experience in conservation efforts and sustainable practices. The leadership of the organization has been at the forefront of initiatives that not only protect the environment but also educaute communities on the importance of ecological balance, or what they refer to as traditional ecological knowledge. Promoting eco-justice and sustainable solutions, GreeneLife has been impacting lives while bolstering the utilization of alternative energy. This is where GreeneLife Philanthropic and the Order of Guardians intertwine.

The Order of Guardians, equally passionate about their cause, focuses on empowering physical health and recognizing the intrinsic link between a healthy environment and individual well-being. The organizations will focus on designing and implementing programs to promote active lifestyles and increase awareness of the health benefits of a clean and thriving ecosystem. Together, these organizations create a synergistic effect. By combining their resources and expertise, they plan to launch comprehensive programs that address both environmental and health concerns. Their joint efforts are expected to include the following:

  1. Educational campaigns that inform the public about the importance of environmental conservation and its impact on health.
  2. Community-based projects that encourage participation in environmental preservation and promote physical activities in nature.
  3. Advocacy for policies that support public safety, sustainable living and protect natural resources.

Collaboration is also a strategic decision to increase their influence. Working together, GreeneLife Philanthropic and the Order of Guardians can leverage their networks, share best practices, and organize a greater segment of the community to effect positive change. GreeneLife Philanthropic, with its unique status as a tribal non-profit, has gained access to a variety of funding methods. This organization has resources that most non-profits do not. This enables more resources to help achieve the very ambitious initiatives.

Together, both groups will be able to provide chances for education in the areas of public safety and overall well-being. This is critical, given that both organizations already advocate for issues such as domestic violence, the plight of missing indigenous women and people, and educational events aimed at informing the broader community about areas of ambiguity in jurisdiction, opportunities for program improvement, and ways we can help.

This collaboration is an excellent example of how non-profit groups can work together to achieve common goals. It emphasizes the need for working together to address global environmental and health issues. GreeneLife Philanthropic and the Order of Guardians are not only leading the road for a healthy earth, but also motivating others to support their great cause. Humans have caused destruction, devastation, and great harm to Mother Nature. A natural disaster occurs in an effort to protect Mother Nature. This is also known as climate change. We hope that the approaches we are developing will help to address inequities and injustices while also reaffirming respect for people, the environment, and protections.

This initiative aligns with Sidney Resources Corporation's goal to partner with the Order of Guardians and collaborate with the U.S. Forest Service and other federal and state agencies to address critical water issues and promote synergy. By combining their efforts, these organizations leverage their strengths to create impactful and sustainable solutions. A significant portion of federal and private foundation grants are available exclusively to nonprofit organizations. Nearly all grants from private foundations require recipients to be recognized as tax-exempt under IRS Code Section 501(c)(3), ensuring that donations are tax-deductible, which incentivizes charitable giving. Additionally, government grants at the federal, state, and local levels are widely accessible to nonprofits, with specific programs and budgets allocated annually to support these entities. This access enables GreeneLife Philanthropic and the Order of Guardians to secure essential funding, expand their efforts, deploy more personnel, and maximize their positive impact on environmental and community health. Together, GreeneLife Philanthropic, established under Xexus Greene Energy, LLC, and the Order of Guardians, established under Sidney Resource Corp., present a united vision for a sustainable future.

Please visit their websites to learn more about their collaborative efforts and how you can help. Together, we can make a difference for our world and future generations.

The first sponsored event will take place on May 23, 2024. Our COO, Dan Hally, will lead a full day of training for an Idaho regional task force composed of law enforcement, victim advocates, prosecutors, medical care providers, EMS responders, and other groups involved in violent crime response. With over 20 years of experience in investigating violent crimes and developing training materials for responders, Dan brings unparalleled expertise and dedication.

Tragically, after losing two family members to a violent homicide in 1987, Dan committed himself to improving the understanding of trauma and its impact on survivors and responders. His passion for enhancing how service providers respond to and investigate violent crimes is evident in his work.

Anyone interested in attending future sponsored events or becoming involved with this nonprofit endeavor can contact Dan at [email protected]. Training materials from this event will also be available on our corporate website at

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SOURCE: Sidney Resources Corp.

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