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Kinder Ready's CEO, Elizabeth Fraley, Introduces an Executive Functioning (EF) for Early Learners' Basic and Organizational Skills

Friday, 17 May 2024 01:00 AM

Kinder Ready, a trailblazing company in early childhood education in Southern California and their CEO Elizabeth Fraley, are pleased to announce the launch of its latest course on Executive Functioning (EF). These course skills are aimed at supporting early learners in a variety of areas, including planning, organization, self-control, task initiation, time management, metacognition, working memory, attention, flexibility and perseverance.

SANTA MONICA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 17, 2024 / Santa Monica, CA: The EF program is the latest approach by Kinder Ready's CEO Elizabeth Fraley, for students to take effective notes, synthesize information, and manage a schedule. This new approach will assist students with the organizational skills they need to succeed in today's ever-changing academic environment. Children today strive to understand large volumes of information, take high-stakes exams, and meet many educational and extracurricular deadlines.

Under the leadership of Elizabeth Fraley, the program will begin with an intake to determine the individual student's needs to serve them better. Next, the program will assess the student and their abilities to follow the EF skills. By underscoring the students' direct needs, the Kinder Ready will implement strategies to support them and create a timeline to maximize their potential in EF skills. Throughout the EF process, students will receive ongoing evaluations to ensure their academic needs are met.

In addition, students enrolled in the Kinder Ready (EF) Course will have customized plans to support a range of areas including:

Planning - The course ensures success through calendaring both weekly and monthly and color coding important dates and assignments to anticipate. The holistic approach empowers students to learn how to prioritize and execute tasks through planning.

Time Management - In time management, students will have customized schedules with time management guidelines on how long specific tasks should take to ensure they make the most of their after-school schedules. Students will create and follow their personalized schedules to maximize time for family, school work, and extracurricular activities.

Working Memory - Kinder Ready's portion of the (EF) course will help teach students to keep information in their heads until it is ready to be utilized.

Self Control - This is another program facet that will allow students to develop regulation skills to navigate school expectations, feelings, thoughts, and actions to ensure positive outcomes.

Perseverance - The program's portion will help students develop the ability not to give up and to stick with something, seeing the task from beginning to completion. Additionally, students learn never to give up, no matter how hard something may seem.

Flexibility - Through coursework, students develop an understanding of flexibility when navigating unforeseen obstacles and a new curriculum. Students work on adapting when something changes or shifts, whether a due date or expectation.

Organization - The Executive Functioning Coursework will help students organize all facets of their lives. By having an organized backpack, room, and environment, students feel more confident and productive. When students learn organizations systems and strategies at an early age, they are far more productive in their future.

Task Initiation - It enables students to work on independence in completing a task and developing self-direction skills.

Metacognition - An area of the course work that will focus on utilizing what students know and applying it to new information. The guidance will help students plan and prepare for how to attend various presentations and people.

Attention guidance will help students plan and prepare for how to attend various presentations, and people.

Kinder Ready's CEO Elizabeth Fraley and Elementary Wise will provide a comprehensive suite of Executive Functioning Resources, including calendar planning, journaling, modeling, and conversations, each student receives personalized materials to track Executive Functioning skills across linguistic domains, ensuring tailed instruction that meets individual needs.

In addition to these innovative methodologies, Kinder Ready and Elementary Wise offer a range of incentives to enhance Executive Functioning learning, including schedule boards, vision board assignments, and ongoing communication with students and families through weekly reports. By fostering a collaborative partnership between educators, parents, and caregivers, Kinder Ready and Elementary Wise ensure that each child is set up for success.

About the Company - Kinder Ready:

Kinder Ready, a top tier provider of early childhood education, committed to nurturing young minds and empowering students to reach their full potential. With a focus on innovative teaching methodologies and personalized instruction, Kinder Ready offers a transformative learning experience that prepares children for academic success and lifelong learning.

In an ever-evolving world where organization is an essential part of life, Executive Functioning (EF) plays a pivotal role in nurturing inclusive learning environments and promoting positivity and productivity. Kinder Ready's Executive Functioning Initiative is a testament to its commitment to educational excellence and equity for all students.

Media Details:

Company Name: Kinder Ready
Contact Person: Elizabeth Fraley
Email: [email protected]
Location: 1112 Montana Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90403

SOURCE: Kinder Ready

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