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Neo Spin: Minimalist, Multi-Functional Everyday Carry Gadget is Live on Kickstarter

Thursday, 16 May 2024 09:00 AM

Notion Builds LLC

DnD Dice | RPG games | Roulette wheel | Measurement tool | Fidget Toy. One Neo, Many Possibilities. Switch games as easy as Load, Spin, Play!

AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 16, 2024 / Why settle for one, when your gadget does many? Meet Neo Spin, a multi-functional, everyday carry gaming gadget that offers a unique blend of functionality and entertainment. Notion Builds LLC, a product design company based out of TX, USA, innovates new products with core principles of fun, form, and function, launches its latest offering Neo Spin on Kickstarter. Versatile, modular, and customizable, Neo Spin offers a range of opportunities to expand its portfolio of functionalities and is a perfect companion for all ages.

Neo Spin
Neo Spin
Neo Spin - A minimalist, multi-functional, gaming gadget. DnD Dice | RPG games | Roulette wheel | Measurement tool | Fidget Toy

Robust Construction: Neo Spin is an all-metal precision CNC manufactured with brass caps on either side and a stainless steel disc on the inside. The disc, with a ball bearing at its core, spins between the brass casings with ease. Measuring just 40mm in diameter and 10mm thick, weighing around 2.5 oz, Neo Spin is a perfect everyday carry companion.

How it works: The SS discs are swappable and each disc is laser engraved on either side with strategic games, DnD dice, and a roulette wheel, to name a few. Load the disc of your choice, spin the disc, and hold after a few seconds. Align the number with the arrow on the case for the result. It's perfectly random and produces fair gameplay.

One NEO, Many Possibilities: Neo Spin is loaded with features and functionalities that complement each other, which are not limited to just a few games but are expandable with one's imagination. The personalization options challenge one's creativity to constantly come up with different possibilities in playing various games.

Fidget Spinner: The diamond-knurled SS disc with brass caps on either side has a premium feel, and the perfect weight of the spin is a breeze for fidget lovers. Pocket-friendly, Neo Spin is easy to take out, fidget, and slip it back.

Measurement Disc: It's never easy to measure a curve with a linear scale or a measuring tape. When Neo Spin is rolled on a curved surface, the measuring disc rotates along the surface, indicating the distance traveled on the curve.

Personalization: Make Neo Spin truly yours and suit your needs. Neo Spin offers a custom disc, wherein the user can get their personalized details engraved on the disc and decide who's going to pay the next restaurant bill or play a game they wish they had.

The Neo Spin campaign is live on Kickstarter and is already 450 backers strong with over $35k funds raised, offering rewards exclusive to backers with discounts upwards of 35% off the proposed retail price. Be among the first to experience this innovative gadget and make everyday life a little more fun by visiting the campaign page.

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