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illumiPure, Inc. Secures Multiple Patents for World’s Safest LED Lighting Technology

Tuesday, 14 May 2024 11:10 AM



HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 14, 2024 / illumiPure®, Inc., a leader in innovative LED solutions, is proud to announce two patents for its CleanWhite® 405 nm and 405/470 white light LEDs, the only LED to receive a Risk Grade 0 (EG 0) / Exempt Status rating for safety after IEC 62741 testing. This groundbreaking technology has been patented in the European Union and Japan, adding to the North American patent in 2022. CleanWhite LEDs combine traditional white light illumination, disinfection, circadian rhythm management, and remove the most harmful spectrums of blue light, setting a new standard in health and safety protocols for any indoor environment.

CleanWhite Fixtures
CleanWhite Fixtures
A 2x2 and 2x4 CleanWhite Flat Panel Fixture

CleanWhite LEDs are the world's safest white light LED, being awarded exempt status after IEC 62741, which tests the safety of lighting on skin and eyes. This provides a superior solution to traditional LED lighting. To date, CleanWhite LEDs are the only LEDs to receive Risk-Exempt status after testing.

CleanWhite LED's uniqueness is providing a solution that delivers white light illumination, disinfection, and circadian rhythm management, all within a single LED that also removes harmful blue light. The LED uses 405 nm diode in lieu of traditional 450 nm diode to create white light illumination, and in doing so, eliminates the most harmful parts of the blue light spectrum, blue light between 440 and 450 nms.

In addition, 405 nm light, spiked in the CleanWhite LED, is a powerful disinfectant, making the CleanWhite LED the first and only single LED chip that provides white light illumination and disinfection in a single diode. Unlike conventional disinfection LEDs that require switching modes to activate disinfection, illumiPure's patented CleanWhite 405 LED fixtures deliver continuous disinfection on surfaces and in the air while emitting pleasant, normal white light.

The CleanWhite 405/470 LED also enhances the 470 nm wavelength of light, providing additional circadian rhythm management. The disruption of circadian rhythm, which can be caused by harmful blue light wavelengths, is now being linked to a host of maladies and adverse conditions, including everything from cognitive decline, fatigue, headaches, and trouble learning to increased risk of diabetes, weight gain, and even some cancers.

"Our innovative LED technology is a game changer for any indoor space," said illumiPure's CEO John C. Higgins, "Growing evidence shows the detrimental effects that hazardous blue light has on all of us. CleanWhite LED chips and fixtures not only increase users' health by removing a host of infectious pathogens but also can help reduce adverse effects to the circadian rhythm of shift workers."

"With patents now secured in multiple European Union countries and Japan, we are poised to deliver this unique solution globally, ensuring environments are not only well-lit but also continuously disinfected, all without compromising human safety or comfort," added Chris Vennard, the company's Chief Compliance Officer.

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