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From the SEE Impact Report: Comprehensive Approach to Sustainability

Thursday, 02 May 2024 08:45 AM


Originally published in the SEE Impact Report 2022

By prioritizing environmental responsibility across the value chain, we design; develop; and deploy integrated automated, digital, and sustainable solutions that have positive impacts on our customers, their customers, and society.

These scalable solutions help customers meet their sustainability goals by leveraging advanced recycling technologies, renewable energy investments, material innovations, circularity initiatives, and more.

AUTOBAG® Brand 850S Paper High-Speed Bagging and Printing System

Leveraging automation, digital printing, and sustainable materials to meet customer needs

The AUTOBAG® brand 850S paper high-speed bagging and printing system is the first solution in the AUTOBAG® brand portfolio to use curbside-recyclable paper mailers, making it a more sustainable solution to enhance packaging productivity for mail-order fulfillment and e-commerce applications. The 850S paper system includes technology that pre-opens each bag for the operator, and one-step printing ensures accuracy and efficiency, prevents product queuing, and eliminates the need for additional labeling equipment. The mailers are curbside recyclable and are approved for the How2Recycle® label. The paper is responsibly sourced and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® Chain of Custody, Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, and ISO 22000. It is produced in a carbon-neutral manufacturing process using biomass and hydro-generated power.

prismiq™ Digital Printing Services

Digital printing services that reduce waste and drive efficiency

SEE's prismiq™ digital printing services maximize the value of branded packaging through custom and personalized printing. By eliminating tooling, setups, and production changeovers, prismiq™ services enable bespoke, small-batch production at the efficiency level of mass production. Printing digitally on packaging results in less process waste by removing solvents and the waste derived from plates, ink flushes, and substrates. It also gives companies the freedom to create short runs, leading to less inventory waste.

CRYOVAC® Brand AutoShrink, AutoChill, and AutoDry Tunnels

Leveraging automation, digital technology, and packaging materials to drive sustainability

CRYOVAC® brand TS200 AutoShrink, TC200 AutoChill, and TD200 AutoDry tunnels are our latest innovations in shrink process automation systems. They are designed to improve efficiency, save energy, and enhance performance in food packaging operations. When integrated with the latest generation of CRYOVAC® brand vacuum rotaries, the tunnels use intelligent automation to automatically adjust conveyor speed based on volume to optimize energy consumption. The AutoShrink electric shrink tunnel is twice as energy-efficient as legacy steam-powered shrink tunnels. With variable speed control, the AutoDry tunnel reduces energy consumption by 30% compared to legacy drying tunnels.

CRYOVAC® Brand Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Bag-in-Box

Lowering the carbon footprint and safeguarding the product

As part of its burgeoning fluids and liquids portfolio, SEE developed a bag-inbox solution that better guards against the common enemy of wine: air. With the CRYOVAC® brand vertical form-fill-seal bag-in-box solution, the combination of a low headspace package and hermetically sealed bag means less oxygen ingress than with traditional bag-in-box wine formats. The solution's automated dispensing system is engineered to double the throughput of traditional bag-in-box offerings by producing finished packages from 1.5 liters to 4 liters at packaging speeds up to 35 packages per minute (ppm). Through increased shipping efficiencies, the solution produces a lower carbon footprint as compared to resource-intensive glass wine bottles.

Automated Carbon Footprint Solutions

Holistic approach to life-cycle assessments

SEE is continuing its journey started in 2012 with the SmartLife™ initiative by introducing a new, automated carbon footprint estimation system that will enable customers to achieve their sustainability targets through informed decision-making. This advanced system meticulously evaluates the comprehensive cradle-to-gate environmental impact of our portfolio of solutions.

SEE's automated system is not just a numerical calculator; it's a transformative tool that equips our customers with the insight they need to make eco-conscious packaging choices. Through rigorous calculations that encompass raw material extraction, processing, energy consumption, transportation, manufacturing, and the end-of-life phase, we provide a holistic assessment of each material's carbon footprint. This robust methodology ensures that our customers can take meaningful steps toward decarbonizing their packaging choices.

To facilitate the seamless integration of these insights into our customers' operations, we offer two distinct avenues. Our carbon footprint short reports succinctly encapsulate the data associated with specific purchased materials, allowing for quick and focused decision-making. For those seeking a more immersive experience, our interactive Dashboard provides an all-encompassing view of their purchases and their cumulative environmental impact.

By choosing SEE, our customers gain access to a transformative partnership that extends beyond the products we sell by collaborating to reduce our environmental impact.

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