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Epique Realty Unveils Revolutionary Free Benefit for Agents at PowerCON Event: Airvet Membership

Monday, 22 April 2024 11:55 PM

Epique’s newest free membership for Airvet and pets, promises to provide agents with a new level of support and peace of mind.

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / April 22, 2024 / Epique is thrilled and proud to introduce a groundbreaking new free benefit for agents, unveiled exclusively at the PowerCON event. With great excitement, Epique announces the launch of the Airvet Membership, setting a new standard in agent support and well-being.

The pet-owning, animal loving co-founders of Epique who are passionate advocates for all animals and pets are so very excited to announce the most game-changing and memorable free benefit offered to agents and their beloved pets.

With the new Airvet membership from Epique, agents can select a primary veterinarian who will call or message back as soon as they're available. Airvet is your pet care companion. As an Airvet member agents will have unlimited 24/7 video calls and chats. Whether facing urgent health issues, seeking routine care, or requiring prescription medications, agents can now rest assured knowing their furry companions are in capable hands.

Pet ownership brings immeasurable joy, but it can also present challenges, both emotional and financial. Recognizing the growing importance of pet care accessibility and affordability, Epique strives to foster a pet-inclusive culture that supports the well-being of all family members. Airvet represents a significant step towards this goal, offering agents peace of mind and support when navigating the complexities of pet parenthood.

Airvet's fundamental beliefs align closely with Epique's commitment to agent welfare and inclusivity. By providing more access and education for pet parents, Airvet aims to eliminate barriers to care and promote healthier, happier pets. Through direct access to trusted veterinary professionals and comprehensive virtual care, Airvet empowers agents to prioritize the well-being of their beloved companions without compromise.

Airvet Fundamental Beliefs Align With Epique's Dedication to Agent Welfare:

More access and education for pet parents can help eliminate and prevent chronic issues, eliminate uncertainty, and lead to healthier and happier pets.

We shouldn't face financial or availability barriers to care and should have direct access to a trusted vet whenever they need it.

We believe that complete pet care is more than just their physical wellbeing, and that their emotional health is just as important in their ongoing care.

That more than just 50% of pets should see a vet every year.

That every question about our pet's wellbeing should be answered by an expert instead of the internet.

That pet parents shouldn't have to spend 6-8 hours in an urgent care queue waiting for answers when 80% of those visits can be avoided.

Christopher Miller, COO and Co-Founder, Epique Realty, expressed his enthusiasm, "Epique is so immensely proud to provide our agents with the support they need for their cherished pets, who are integral members of our families. With Airvet, we want every agent to know that their pet family will always receive the care and attention they deserve, and especially when the unexpected arrives."

As Epique Realty continues to redefine industry standards and champion agent success, the introduction of the Airvet membership underscores the brokerage's dedication to their agents' well-being.

About Epique Realty

Epique Realty isn't just a brokerage; it's a movement. Committed to providing agents with extraordinary benefits, support, and resources, Epique Realty empowers agents to thrive in today's digital age. With a focus on inclusion, innovation, and integrity, Epique Realty is redefining what it means to be a forward-thinking brokerage, reshaping the real estate landscape one success story at a time. #BeEpique


For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Barbara Simpson | PR and Communications |

281-773-7842 | [email protected] | #JoinEpique

SOURCE: Epique Realty

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