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Digipath Enters Psilocybin Industry and Changes Name

Monday, 22 April 2024 08:25 AM

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / April 22, 2024 / Hypha Labs, Inc. (OTC PINK:DIGP) has announced that it has changed its name from Digipath, Inc. after the sale of its cannabis lab assets. In a change of direction, it has developed cutting edge technology focused on revolutionary methods of producing the active ingredients found in functional mushrooms such as psilocybin using its patent-pending bioreactor design. Its bioreactors will be available for both consumer and commercial large-scale applications. The technology produces pure, consistent, and measurable doses of the active ingredients in an easy to digest form from functional mushrooms such as Psilocybin and Lion's Main using its unique bioreactor technologies for home and commercial use.

We will be providing a wide variety of Mycelium varietals for use in the Hypha Labs' bioreactor which allows the production of useable active ingredients in 8-10 days versus traditional methods which require the actual growing of mushrooms in a substrate and then a complicated extraction method with variable dosing and side-effects taking up to 10 weeks. We plan on offering these ingredients on a subscription basis to use in our proprietary bioreactors.

Psychedelic and Functional Mushrooms, The Next Big Thing

Just as the landscape changed for cannabis, it is changing for functional mushrooms especially Psilocybin. There are currently over 100 clinical trials underway that are showing great promise in helping people suffering from anxiety, depression and PTSD, and other functional mushrooms are being studied for diabetes and memory. Hypha Labs, Inc, has developed technology that will allow consumers to grow the beneficial active ingredients in function mushrooms in the comfort of their own homes in 7-10 days not months to grow mushrooms. The results for consumers and commercial users are consistent, measurable and side-effect free.

Hypha Labs will be presenting at the Planet MicroCap Showcase in Las Vegas on Wednesday May 1, 2024 at 3 PM. (Planet MicroCap Showcase: VEGAS 2024 - Overview).

About Hypha Labs, Inc.

The company has developed revolutionary cutting-edge Patent-Pending technology focused on new methods of producing the active ingredients found in functional mushrooms such as psilocybin using its patent pending bioreactor design. The Company has positioned itself to play an important role in the burgeoning Functional Mushroom industry in addition to be a disruptive force in the psilocybin space which is quickly manifesting into a similar pattern that was seen in the Cannabis Industry both from a medical and recreational usage with several states and cities have now decriminalized it use. Visit us at

Investor Contact:

Gary Zwetchkenbaum
Plum Tree Consulting LLC
[email protected]

SOURCE: Digipath, Inc.

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