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Frontier Foundry Launches Cutting-Edge Artificial Intelligence for Space Systems

Thursday, 18 April 2024 10:55 AM

Frontier Foundry

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / April 18, 2024 / Frontier Foundry, a leading artificial intelligence company focused on bringing Ensemble AI systems to market, launched its new AI outer space risk management and simulation system called Stellara. Stellara provides advanced risk analysis for the satellites and constellations that provide services and data to our terrestrial systems and critical infrastructure.

"As space travel and activities rapidly accelerate, having effective risk management is absolutely essential," said Sultan Meghji, CEO of Frontier Foundry. "Stellara leverages complex simulations along with our latest AI innovations to provide extremely precise quantitative analysis of critical infrastructure impact as well as data-driven recommendations to mitigate a variety of different risks."

Satellites in low earth orbit provide important services to Earthly consumers, but also carry risks of denial or disruption events from cyberattacks, kinetic attacks, space debris, space weather, and more. Stellara uses multiple cutting edge AI models to identify risk concentrations from disruptions of space services that cuts days off incident response times. Stellara's intuitive platform and large language model (LLM) interface allow users to run simulations on satellite outages to create risk profiles, incident response procedures, and strategies to increase resilience of terrestrial systems.

"Stellara is about shortening the time between incident occurrence and risk mitigation measures," said Nick Reese, COO of Frontier Foundry. "We've already seen demonstrations of attacks on our commercial satellites, and the effects those attacks had on the ground. Stellara is going to improve our ability to respond to incidents in LEO and build resilience in our space economy."

The Stellara risk management system is now available via enterprise licenses to governments, primary government contractors and select others. Frontier Foundry is a proud member of the Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Space ISAC) and will be represented at the 2024 Space ISAC Conference in Paris later this month. Taking place on April 24th - 25th, CYSAT is the largest European event dedicated entirely to cybersecurity for the space industry.

As Space ISAC continues to drive innovation and collaboration, Executive Director, Erin Miller highlights the upcoming Tabletop Exercise at Cysat, "Next week in Paris, France the Space ISAC will host global leaders in a dynamic public-private, cross sector, space systems crisis exercise. Our Crisis Simulation at Cysat, developed in partnership with Frontier Foundry, takes space systems cybersecurity to a new realm. The exercise incorporates insights from industry members of our Space ISAC Cislunar Affinity Group and Information Sharing Working Group."

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SOURCE: Frontier Foundry

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