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India Facing Transactional Token, INRTX, Aims to Onboard 15M Crypto Users with UPI-like Ease

Wednesday, 17 April 2024 07:45 AM

DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / April 17, 2024 / In the vibrant landscape of digital finance, the upcoming launch of INRTX marks a milestone. Imagine a digital environment where crypto transactions are as straightforward as UPI transfers; that's the vision INRTX embodies. Developed by Lithuania-based DigiQuartz UAB, INRTX combines the stability of the Indian Rupee with cutting-edge blockchain technology to introduce a reliable medium for digital transactions.

A Game-Changing Presale

Before its official launch on CoinStore, INRTX is offering an exclusive presale on its platform from April 18th to 22nd.

Each purchase during this period not only secures your stake in a promising digital future but also grants you an additional 5-10% in bonus tokens, depending on the purchase size, with transactions ranging from a minimum of 1000 to a maximum of 100000 tokens per user.

Moreover, participants engaging on social media or sharing their purchase with friends will be rewarded with a special mystery airdrop, adding an extra layer of excitement to the presale event.

Strategic Partnership with CoinStore

This presale sets the stage for the INRTX token's highly anticipated launch on CoinStore on April 23rd.

The partnership with CoinStore is strategic, enhancing INRTX's visibility and accessibility, and providing a robust platform for our users. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our goal to simplify the crypto transaction process, making it as user-friendly and familiar as traditional mobile banking in India.

Stability Meets Innovation

INRTX isn't just another digital token; it's a fractionally overcollateralized asset that follows Indian Rupee and backed by solid USDT reserves. This dual approach ensures that INRTX maintains a stable value, ideal for large-scale crypto traders seeking reliability in their transactions. Leveraging the Polygon blockchain, the token benefits from increased scalability, speed, and lower transaction costs, all while upholding stringent environmental standards.

Empowering the Indian Market

In our conversation with Dr. Rohitash Khanduja, Co-founder and CEO of DigiQuartz, the focus was clear: to empower Indians with seamless, stable, and secure digital financial solutions. Despite a globally burgeoning crypto space, the adoption rates in India have been modest. INRTX is here to change that narrative, says Dr. Khanduja.

Guided by Ajay Gupta, Co-founder and Director, DigiQuartz is not just breaking barriers; it's creating gateways for Indians to explore financial autonomy and for numerous DeFi projects to find their footing in India's vast market landscape.

Transparent and Secure

Security and transparency are at the forefront of INRTX's operations. Advanced cryptographic security, multi-layer encryption, and smart contracts audited by Beosin ensure your investments are protected. Their commitment to transparency is reinforced with weekly Proof of Reserves audits, and a real-time dashboard displaying the backing reserves post-launch.

Join the INRTX Journey

Be a part of this revolutionary movement with INRTX as they redefine digital transactions. With its stable value, robust security, and transparent practices, INRTX isn't just a digital currency-it's a stride towards a more efficient, secure, and inclusive digital finance ecosystem.

Stay tuned for the INRTX launch on CoinStore and join in shaping the future of digital transactions. An INRTX office will also be launching in Dubai soon, expanding their global footprint.

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