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illuxi Takes the Plunge Into Virtual Reality With Its Collaboration With Chaac Technologies

Tuesday, 16 April 2024 08:30 AM


MONTREAL, QC / ACCESSWIRE / April 16, 2024 / illuxi, a leader in online training, today announced its partnership with Chaac Technologies for the distribution of augmented reality training!

We're launching a first Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) training today: FireGuard VR represents a significant step forward in the way individuals are trained to deal with fires. In collaboration with the innovative minds at Chaac Technologies, this initiative pushes the boundaries of traditional OH&S training.

FireGuard VR, now available on illuxiCampus, offers learners total immersion in realistic, safe scenarios. Designed in collaboration with experienced firefighters, the training takes an in-depth look at essential aspects of fire prevention, such as understanding the different classes of fire, and the identification and use of extinguishers.

"This collaboration with Chaac Technologies represents a major step forward in our commitment to offering innovative training," says William Grenier-Chalifoux, Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer at illuxi. "FireGuard VR goes beyond traditional health and safety training methods by offering an immersive experience that eliminates the risks associated with real-life situations."

"We are delighted to partner with illuxi to bring FireGuard VR to market," says François Duray, Business Development Engineer at Chaac Technologies. "This collaboration combines our expertise in virtual reality with the field experience of firefighters to offer revolutionary fire safety training."

With FireGuard VR, learners, whether members of the general public or experienced professionals, can acquire vital skills for dealing with fires with unprecedented confidence. By combining virtual realism with practical knowledge, this dynamic approach sets a new standard in safety preparation.

About ilIuxi

illuxi develops products and services that facilitate the sharing of knowledge and the transmission of skills. illuxi supports its customers from training design to complete learning management with its team of experts and its flagship product illuxiLMS.

About Chaac Technologies

Chaac Technologies develops innovative solutions to support organizations on their digital transformation journey. Our mission is to facilitate the integration of emerging technologies into their operations in order to modernize the way they work. Our expertise in geospatial, 3D modeling, AI and virtual reality enables us to offer our customers unique, high-performance solutions. Our virtual reality training modules are our flagship product. Our current offering meets the needs of the occupational health and safety and military sectors.

For media inquiries :

Intelligence ilIuxi | Léa Guigon | [email protected]

Chaac Technologies | François Duray | [email protected]

SOURCE: ilIuxi Intelligence

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