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Crypto Valley Exchange Raises $7 Million to Launch the Most Capital-Efficient Digital Asset Derivatives Trading Platform

Tuesday, 16 April 2024 12:15 PM

ZUG, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / April 16, 2024 / Crypto Valley Exchange (CVEX), the pioneering decentralised protocol set to transform DeFi crypto futures and options trading, announced today it has raised $7 million across pre-seed and seed fundraising rounds.

The $7 million fundraise is co-led by Fabric Ventures and Kyber Capital Crypto Fund, a SALT Family fund, with significant contributions from AMDAX, Wave Digital, Funfair Ventures, Seier Capital, Five T Fintech, and Saxon, signalling strong market confidence in CVEX's unique approach to DeFi trading and industry demand for more efficient margin trading and better risk controls.

"The future of derivatives trading is decentralised and the CVEX protocol will enable both institutional and retail traders everywhere to access an open, transparent and low-cost platform," said Mathias Nielsen, Crypto Valley Exchange's CEO. "The strength of our investor base reflects the importance of our vision and underlines the opportunity in bringing a $700 trillion market on-chain."

The proceeds of the fundraise will be used to drive CVEX through its launch this summer and fund the launch plan. CVEX is currently on testnet, and has seen nearly 160,000 users sign up for early access.

"The support and excitement from our partners has been overwhelming, a real vote of confidence in what we are building," shares James Davies, Chief Product Officer and 25-year derivatives trader. "We're bringing established risk approaches on-chain, allowing proper risk management and real hedging strategies to be applied, which will open up DeFi derivatives to everyone from degens to big institutions and facilitate much greater volumes of trading liquidity."

Through portfolio margin off-sets, CVEX provides users with significant capital efficiencies offering best-in-class margin compression providing notional to collateral ratios over 100x, which is unachievable on current systems without impacting overall risk. This unique market structure will enable traders to better express their opinions in the market, while enabling them to do so in a more cost-conscious manner.

"Decentralised derivative exchanges have an excellent product market fit, but their non custodial nature forced the early iterations of these exchanges to be very conservative on managing their users' margin," said Julien Thevenard, senior associate at Fabric Ventures. "CVEX borrows a concept of value-at-risk margins management, one that is widely used in traditional finance, which we believe has the potential to be a real differentiator and a winning feature in this growing market. We are excited to join CVEX in building towards this vision!"

This market structure is unique to the platform, among digital asset venues, and enables cheaper trades with better bid-offer dynamics than on competing offerings. For example, CVEX has no funding fees at all for futures trading with leverage. Providing this on a decentralised platform creates transparency around risk and, since assets are 100-percent available for examination on chain, this reduces the need to trust how user assets are stored, eliminating the risk associated with trading on centralised exchanges in far-flung locations.

"As we put the finishing touches to CVEX, it's clear to us that this is more than just incremental innovation, we are here to transform how derivatives are traded, adding transparency alongside inclusivity," Davies added. "As a protocol, we look forward to a holistic group of platforms and builders engaging with us."

Deploying on the leading L2 Arbitrum using their new Stylus Rust SDK, CVEX natively supports futures and options trading by users with wallets across Ethereum, Optimism, BASE, and Solana alongside Arbitrum. Users access the non-custodial platform through use of a Web3 wallet, and collateral deposits exclusively in Circle's USDC. CVEX's Protocol uses a proprietary, on-chain order book and VaR-based risk engine to ensure capital efficiency across all assets while ensuring proper risk controls are in place.

"The CVEX team has a unique vision for the future of crypto derivatives trading that we 100-percent believe in," said Alex Klokus, Managing Partner, at Kyber Capital Crypto, a SALT family fund, adding "bringing margin offsets to digital asset derivatives trading to enable even greater leverage and efficiency is a game-changing feature that is only the tip of the innovation iceberg at CVEX. We are excited about their roadmap and eager to support them on this journey."

The CVEX mainnet is expected to launch this summer, and will bring even more functionality and features to the platform. To stay on top of all CVEX-related news, please join our community via:

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About Crypto Valley Exchange

Crypto Valley Exchange (CVEX) is a pioneering force in the Decentralised Derivatives Exchanges (DDEX) space, offering a novel approach to futures and options trading even among its peers in Decentralised Finance (DeFi). It is led by traditional and digital asset markets veterans including serial entrepreneurs and veterans of firms including Cantor Fitzgerald/BGC Partners, Deutsche Borse, BNP Paribas, and more.

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Ryan Gorman
Communications Lead, Crypto Valley Exchange
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SOURCE: Crypto Valley Exchange

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