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Preservica Introduces New Solution to Streamline Local Government Records Workflows and Cut Records Request Times to Minutes

Wednesday, 10 April 2024 09:00 AM


BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / April 10, 2024 / Preservica, a global leader in Active Digital Preservation™ archiving, today announced the release of Preservica for Local Government, enabling County, City and Municipality clerks and record-keeping teams to streamline workflows for managing long-term and permanent records and cut records request times to minutes with fast, secure access for departments and citizens.

Preservica Local Government is tailored specifically for local government entities with ready-to-go workflows and templates, easy-to-navigate icons and a built-in citizen portal to simplify digital records preservation and publishing for common local government records, including Boards & Commissions, Vitals, Land & Property, Court, Engineering and Historical.

The solution also incorporates Preservica's Active Digital Preservation™ software to automatically maintain the integrity, trustworthiness and readability of digital records over decades for assured fulfillment of requests and compliance with local laws for ensuring continued access to permanent records.

"We recognize the formidable task local governments face in navigating the ever-growing array of records, all while ensuring accessibility to colleagues, departments, and the public as mandated by policy," explains Mike Quinn, CEO of Preservica. "The challenges posed-be it compliance, resource allocation, data security, consistency, or access-are not merely hurdles but opportunities for innovative solutions that ensure accountability, transparency, and efficiency in serving our communities."

Preservica for Local Government enhances record workflows for:

Boards & Commissions: Ensure compliance with open meeting laws, such as the Sunshine Act, by submitting public proceedings, minutes, and resolutions, while also publishing meeting records and automatically preserving public records for permanent access.

Court Records: Securely self-serve, quickly assemble, upload, and organize digitized records for new or re-opened cases, while also ensuring automatic preservation for long-term access.

Vital Records: Provide self-service or streamlined access to vital records for genealogists, REAL ID applications and probate requests, while also automatically maintaining records in an always readable format.

Land & Property Records: Protect citizens' interests by preserving Permanent Land & Property Records, mitigating the risk of deed fraud, reducing expenses through the modernization of microfilm processes, and ensuring accessibility to preserved records.

Engineering Project Files: Automatically preserve granular, role-based access to department and agency records, including large format paper plans from the field, while controlling permissions across all departments for long-term access.

Historical Records: Effortlessly capture, upload, organize, and guarantee citizen access to historical materials, enriching engagement with your local community, responding to records requests within minutes, and swiftly publishing to your own easily branded public portal.

"Replacing our legacy physical and digital media with digital preservation has made us far more efficient - cutting records requests times from days to minutes and providing easy, secure self-service for our Court and other departments," states Robin Heisse, Records and Archives Manager at Greene County, Ohio.

Preservica's free-to-get-started edition will allow everyone who sign-ups to gain exclusive access to the new Government Records Education series. This series offers participants the opportunity to learn essential electronic records preservation fundamentals, witness best-practice workflows in action and engage with fellow government clerks, records managers and archivists. With Preservica's innovative solution, local agencies can drastically reduce records request times to mere minutes, streamline common workflows, drive efficiency through rapid online access to records, replace outdated microfilm processes and ensure continued access to permanent records.

For further insights into how Preservica's Active Digital Preservation™ software is revolutionizing record management for government entities, please visit, or try for free today!

About Preservica

Preservica is changing the way thousands of organizations around the world protect and re-use long-term digital information. Preservica's unique patent pending Active Digital Preservation™ archiving software automatically keeps every file alive in future-friendly formats over decades to ensure that critical, high-value information can always be quickly found and actioned for FOI, compliance, legal, brand, knowledge reuse and cultural needs. The UK National Archives, Texas State Library and Archives, MoMA, Yale and HSBC are some of the leading corporations, archives, libraries, museums and government organizations around the world that trust their data protection and future-proofing to Preservica. For more information, visit

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