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Gauss0x: Empowering Profitable Crypto Trading with Revolutionary Bot

Friday, 12 April 2024 10:00 AM

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / April 12, 2024 / Gauss0x is a revolutionary end-to-end platform that was launched to offer a world-class trading experience on the Ethereum blockchain for beginners and professionals alike, in addition, to complete customization so sophisticated strategies can be executed with perfection.

Conventionally, crypto trading bots have been limited to basic functionality that allows users to buy or sell when prices reach a certain point. Gauss0x transforms this by finding the right tokens and automatically purchasing them at the perfect moment. Crucially, a number of safety mechanisms help users minimize their exposure to unprofitable trades and scam tokens.

The Gauss0x bot exploits the fact that, unlike CEX trading, all DEX transactions by crypto traders are publicly visible on the blockchain. Gauss0x analyzes wallets on Ethereum to classify them by different key trading parameters - with support for Base coming soon.

Through this ecosystem, Gauss token holders can create a personalized mirror trading list by selecting which top-performing wallets identified by the Gauss0x tool they would like to follow. A wealth of data is provided to inform innovative new trading strategies, including:

The total profits made so far - in the past seven days, month and historically - by a particular trader or wallet

What these returns would have been if the tokens had been sold at all-time highs

The average time it takes for elite traders to buy a token once it starts trading

The percentage of extremely profitable cryptocurrencies within the wallet's portfolio

The percentage of "scam" tokens being held, including unsellable assets or ultra-high-tax assets

Average holding times and investment amounts, along with their last buy date

To help users get started with building their custom list, Gauss0x has analyzed thousands of profitable trading wallets and categorized them into different categories (presets) to match their users' interests - from stable traders to gem finders. This saves users significant time in curating their mirror lists.

After they have selected their mirror traders, the Strategy tab allows users to finetune the set and simulate how their preferred wallets perform on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This includes a breakdown of the investments each wallet has made, and how profits have evolved over time. This provides excellent feedback for users on whether their trading strategy is likely to deliver desired results.

Deploying the Gauss0x Copy trade Bot is the next step for users, and where the magic happens. The user's personalized bot continuously monitors the on-chain trading positions of wallets on the customized mirror list, and automatically enters trades when other criteria specified by the user are met. Directly from within the Telegram messaging app, a suite of options are offered for the best trading experience, including:

The ability to tailor the bot's actions based on a user's appetite for risk

Tuning/managing the mirror wallet list to add or remove new wallets

Identifying and assessing current bot trading positions, including their profitability to date

A blacklist that allows users to prevent exposure to particular tokens or traders who might tend to purchase scam tokens

Timing parameters for determining when crypto assets are bought or sold, including a desired block number

"Early bird" protective features that prevent users from making inadvertent entries into tokens that have already appreciated in value rapidly and are unlikely to see further significant gains

Threshold timing to stop bots buying a particular token unless a certain number of wallets on the user's mirror list have done so as well

"Anti-honey" logic is also built into the platform to constantly protect users by preemptively removing suspect tokens from known scammers.

Gauss0x has already entered into a number of high-profile partnerships. A collaboration with bloXroute Labs will pave the way for copytraders to experience world-class performance with trades executed at lightning speed.

About Gauss0x

Gauss0x is an Ethereum-based copy trading bot that allows transactions to be executed directly from Telegram. Users can select which wallets to mirror based on expertly tailored presets and in-depth data on their past performance. With heightened performance and fortified security, Gauss0x allows anyone to trade crypto with an edge.

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German Concilio,
CEO of Dalphalabs

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