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The Intern Group Celebrates a Decade of Global Internship Success Following Positive Feedback from Asia Site Visits

Friday, 29 March 2024 04:00 PM

The Intern Group

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 29, 2024 / In the last ten years, The Intern Group has transformed from an idea fostered in a small London pub into a beacon of international career development, reflecting a remarkable trajectory of growth and empowerment. With a community of over 15,000 global alumni, The Intern Group has not just facilitated internships; it has been pioneering a comprehensive pathway to professional excellence and cultural exchange. Marking this milestone with site visits to Asia, the group continues to refine its unique blend of professional and personal development opportunities.

Ten years of cultivation has seen The Intern Group expand its footprint from Colombia-where it began with a mere ten participants-to thriving global metropolises such as Madrid, Hong Kong, Melbourne, New York, and Dublin among others. Each step of expansion has been a testament to the group's unwavering commitment to nurturing young talent, bridging cultures, and paving avenues for aspirational students.

Recent site visits across Asia have underscored this dedication, offering invaluable insights into the mutual benefits that The Intern Group partnered Host Organisations and interns reap.

The Positive Impact in Tokyo: Seibo

In Tokyo The Intern Group team engaged with Seibo, an NGO-focused on tackling important social issues. Here, they learned about the significant role that interns play through initiatives such as digital marketing, fundraising campaigns, and engaging events in local schools.

"The feedback we received from our interns was overwhelmingly positive," said a representative of The Intern Group. "Traveling around Japan to support Seibo's causes proved to be both fulfilling and an opportunity to explore."

This feedback highlights the success of the internship program in achieving The Intern Group's dual goal of professional development and cultural immersion. The lasting connection between Seibo and its past interns further demonstrates the meaningful impact that these experiences have on young professionals.

Strengthening Corporate Bonds in Bangkok: Mahanakorn Partners Group

The Intern Group boasts of fostering robust professional relations between global talent and businesses, as seen with Mahanakorn Partners Group in Bangkok. This legal and consulting group has expressed satisfaction with The Intern Group's interns and eagerly anticipates welcoming more interns from The Intern Group in the future.

An impressive testament to the success of these programs is the previous offer of a full-time position to an intern in 2020 who showcased exceptional performance while completing an internship arranged by The Intern Group. This not only illustrates the caliber of interns but also the quality of The Intern Group's vetting and matching process, which ensures a beneficial fit for both the company and the intern.

Internships organized by The Intern Group have earned a reputation for their comprehensive approach to career development. Safety, support, and the blend of work-life balance stand out as pillars for the group's success. For aspiring professionals, The Intern Group's programs serve as a gateway to independence, offering a structured yet vibrant runway to launch their careers.

The Intern Group's unwavering attention to safety, proven by their recent award for emphasizing intern security, builds confidence not only in the interns but also among their loved ones.

Acknowledging the dynamic social lives of young professionals, The Intern Group ensures a well-rounded experience that marries earnest work with cultural exploration and fun-laying the groundwork for lifelong friendships and unforgettable experiences.

The Intern Group has cemented its position through its diverse connections with over 120 elite institutions worldwide. Accolades have followed, including recent honors from Go Overseas Community Choice Awards in 2023, and the designation as the "best-reviewed internship program" by Go Abroad in 2017.

The launch of a pioneering Remote Internship Program in 2021, are evidence of The Intern Group's adaptability and innovative spirit. This adaptability has not only enhanced the group's offerings but also ensured that internship opportunities remained accessible even amidst global challenges.

Alumni of The Intern Group continue to speak volumes about their experiences, as one 5-star review exuberantly shares:

"The Intern Group is a great program...I felt extremely supported by the staff...and was extremely pleased with the Madrid program. The application process is very complete and easy to follow, and The Intern Group is always ready to help...I would definitely do it again! 100% recommend it to anyone looking for a short or long-term internship."

The Intern Group's decade-long story is one of building bridges-between ambition and reality, young talent and global opportunities, and students' professional dreams and their attainment. The recent positive feedback from site visits in Asia represents yet another feather in its cap, reinforcing the group's commitment to educational development and international cultural exchange.

For the aspiring students eyeing the horizons of their future, The Intern Group stands ready to champion their cause-to be the wind beneath their wings propelling them towards their dream career.

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SOURCE: The Intern Group

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