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General Enterprise Ventures, Inc. (OTC:GEVI), Subsidiary Mighty Fire Breaker (MFB) Has Published Its Wildfire Defense System Course approved by the AIA and USGB Council through AEC Daily Corporation for Continuing Education Credits

Wednesday, 27 March 2024 09:00 AM

CHEYENNE, WY / ACCESSWIRE / March 27, 2024 / The MFB Value-Add Wildfire Risk Reduction Team saw a need for a great awakening in the Architecture and Building Industry as it relates to the Fire Insurance Crisis, which is impacting the entire Western U.S. Accordingly, MFB was motivated to create and publish this Accredited Course for Architects through AEC Daily Corporation for Continuing Education Credits to finally bring true accreditation to what has been a "wild west anything goes" atmosphere in the use of wildfire defense sprinkler systems. The MFB course teaches the specification, layout and installation of environmentally safe technology for proactive wildfire defense during the initial construction phase. U.S,. building codes have provided guidance on protecting buildings and occupants from the effects of fire. Only recently, have these building codes included hardening the exterior envelope, roofs and sidings to defend them from wind-driven fire embers.

MFB was founded in California and is based there, has been awarded the EPA Safer Choice Product Parter of the Year Award. Its fire inhibitor CitroTech is the cleanest, safest fire chemistry in the world and the only EPA Safer Choice approved. Now that there is a product on the market that fits the profile needed to hopefully be accepted by the insurance industry to relook at wildfire prevention and to initiate change.

Many home insurers are scaling back coverage in the Western States, enrollment is surging in California's "backstop" insurance plans, and these backstop plan's risk sustaining losses that they can not cover. In fact, the potential losses of these insurers recently prompted CA Governor Gavin Newsom to issue an executive order commanding the California Insurance Commissioner to take action. These actions taken, included addressing issues with the insurance market and expanding coverage options for consumers. According to recent news, California's Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara's response to the crisis has been to set new rules that would allow insurers to raise rates. In this regard, now that the AIA and the U.S. GreenBuild Council has endorsed the CE course mentioned herein, the State of California, other states at wildfire risk, and even the Federal Government should consider and pass into law a Tax Credit for property owners who install an approved wildfire defense system, much like solar panel tax credits. Such a Tax Credit would incentivize property owners to invest in protecting their homes and other structures against loss due to wildfire.

The Government and the Insurance Industry can play a role in slowing this crisis, but the solution can only come from the Building Industry. In this regard, here is a case in point: After the Northridge Earthquake, the building industry was forced to embrace change when it came to lateral strength engineering to address seismic activity risk. It was leading insurance companies, such as Berkshire Insurance that embraced this new earthquake risk reduction engineering.

Architects, Engineers and Designers are learning about the Mighty Fire Breaker Engineered Wildfire Defense Systems with CitroTech in this AEC Daily Course. Hopefully this has set the stage, and the time for states and the Federal Government to support a WFD System Tax Credit. MFB looks to have significant numbers of Architects, Engineers and Designers take the course over the next few months.

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SOURCE: General Enterprise Ventures, Inc. ("GEVI")

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