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UXLINK Emerges As Key Infrastructure In The Web3 Ecosystem

Saturday, 23 March 2024 09:10 AM

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / March 23, 2024 / UXLINK, a leading Web3 social infrastructure project, has recently unveiled partnerships with several AI and GameFi projects, including Bubble AI, 1Gen Labs, Pond, MetaCene, BacGames, Space Nation, and EarlyBird3, among others. These collaborations signify UXLINK's commitment to empowering ecosystem projects with its unique data value for their growth and development.

In a recent dialogue with the UXLINK community, the project's pivotal role as an essential infrastructure within the Web3 ecosystem was explored and emphasized.

Amidst the landscape of blockchain infrastructure projects, UXLINK stands out as it manages users' social connections and serves as their digital identity in the WEB3 space. Similar to Alchemy, Filecoin, and Chainlink, UXLINK provides tailored services to developers by leveraging public chains' storage and processing power. Notably, UXLINK is working on the Social Liquidity Chain to enhance social data flow and manage social assets effectively.

Addressing various issues, UXLINK offers protocols and data services to support developers focusing on AI, games, and other innovative user services. Its distinctive two-way acquaintance-based social connections differentiate it from other projects, providing personalized recommendation services and identity verification for users.

The RWS Protocols and the Social Liquidity Layer introduced by UXLINK encompass social networking protocols, social data, social assets, and social recommendations. Additionally, developers can leverage UXLINK's services for social fission, product growth, and personalized recommendation services based on users' social relationships.

Furthermore, UXLINK benefits the average user through its "Link To Earn" mechanism, rewarding them for contributing social data while using UXLINK apps. In terms of eco-projects, EarlyBird3, a GameFi project within the UXLINK ecosystem, achieved rapid social growth and utilized UXLINK's social relationship data for product features.

Looking ahead, UXLINK plans to introduce the Social Liquidity Layer, enabling liquidity opportunities for users' social data assets, thus supporting ecosystem developers and third parties in their utilization. The project also aims to expand the developer community and third-party project cooperation.

UXLINK's integration with AI projects is driven by its capability to provide valuable data resources and application scenarios for AI models. The project's vision is to become a crucial infrastructure for the WEB3 ecosystem, providing high-quality data support and fostering mass adoption in the industry.

As UXLINK continues to evolve, it is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the Web3 ecosystem, offering a wealth of opportunities for developers and Dapps while welcoming the industry's mass adoption and the future of 1 billion users

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