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Tuesday, 12 March 2024 09:00 AM

SAN JOSE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 12, 2024 /, the Generative AI leader in Autonomous Customer Support, today announced the test deployment of the Support LLM with a Fortune 500 industrial company.

In the rapidly changing world of Generative AI, it is critical for enterprises to adopt Local LLM technology to contain costs and preserve the security of their IP and assets. However, the Local LLM technology is still rapidly evolving with a lot of undocumented "know-how", making the deployments for customers largely experimental, time consuming and expensive. The Support LLM is a specialized LLM that has been extensively Language Trained (pre-training) and Task Trained (fine-tuning) for Customer Support use cases, including Technical Support, Field Support, Sales Support, IT Support and Customer Success. has also implemented a process to rapidly tailor the Support LLM for a customer's specific support use cases. This process involves determining the appropriate LLM instances based on the use case, request volume and other factors, rapid incremental training using the customer's reference data, test data generation and testing. is currently doing a test deployment with a Fortune 500 industrial company for Technical Support. The use case involves interpreting a customer support ticket, with subject, issue description and comments, to provide the best answer from memory and three answers with 100% traceability to the exact paragraph(s) in reference documents that were used to create the answer(s). The Support LLM leverages the company's proprietary Visual Ingestion technology to segment and store reference documents within its database.

" Support LLM is trained not only to provide answers to questions using the customer's reference data, it also interprets a support ticket along with its comments to understand the issue discussed and then comes up with a detailed execution plan," said Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Co-founder and CTO of

"I'm extremely proud of Sanjeev and our engineering team for this milestone in the advancement of Support LLM as we prepare to roll out this solution to enterprise manufacturing/ high tech customers in the coming months," said Prosenjit Sen, co-founder and CEO of "Moving forward, our goal is to evolve the Support LLM for a portfolio of other support use cases, given our unique IP to interpret a support ticket or service request with subject, description and the list of comments. In addition to using Generative AI to provide answers to support questions/ issues, we have spent years in R&D working with use cases such as detecting similar support tickets, interpreting a resolved support ticket to automatically generate KB articles, and automatic response to support emails. The Support LLM module will take these to the next level of accuracy and usability." expects the Support LLM technology to become a significant part of its offerings, making it widely available to customers and partners so they can have Generative AI solutions for business efficiency at predictable costs without having to depend on large expensive general purpose GPT models. It will also enable them to have complete data security, high accuracy and traceability -- resulting in rapid ROI.

About is a Generative AI platform for automating Customer Support, including Technical Support, Field Support, Sales Support, and Internal Support.'s multi-channel platform combines LLM, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision to interpret complex support cases and automatically provide resolutions at scale with unsurpassed accuracy and speed. The result is unrivaled efficiency and scalability in Customer Support, with lower escalations, higher Customer Satisfaction, and significant cost savings. More information may be found at


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SOURCE: Quark Inc.

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