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Bluwhale Raises $7 Million to Bring AI to Blockchain, Supercharging dApps to Reach Wallet Holders with Rewards

Monday, 11 March 2024 07:00 AM


By leveraging AI to discover wallets and insights, the platform unlocks a wallet-to-wallet personalized communication plus tokenization of your digital profile

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 11, 2024 / As social platforms have gained popularity over the last 15 years, users unwittingly shared their personal-and private-data for free. This data was then monetized by corporate giants, generating trillions of dollars in advertising revenue. Bluwhale, an AI Web3 startup based in the San Francisco Bay Area, is pioneering a new approach. For the first time, it leverages AI to connect companies with Web3 wallet holders who have opted in. This allows dApps to directly reach their target audience and potential new users, optimizing their marketing expenditures.

Today, the company is also announcing a $7 million seed round led by SBI, both SBI Ven Capital and SBI Decima Fund invested with participation from Cardano, Momentum6, Primal Capital, NxGen, Ghaf Capital Partners, Spyre Capital, Baselayer Capital, Haseeb Qureshi (Managing Partner at Dragonfly), Charles Huang (creator of Guitar Hero), Jack McCauley (founder of Oculus), and the collaborative funds of Animoca (Japan), Gumi, MZ Crypto, as well as Sygnum Bank and Azimut Investment Management.

"It's a new paradigm for a new era," said Han Jin, CEO of Bluwhale. "For nearly two decades, online platforms have profiled and targeted users without their consent. Companies have poured billions of dollars into Google, Facebook, TikTok, and similar platforms to target and mass-advertise to consumers. At Bluwhale, wallet holders can take control of their digital profile and decide if they want to receive communications, while at the same time taking a majority share of the outreach spending."

Bluwhale has already signed up 180 companies to use its AI platform, which is currently in open beta, and has indexed more than 270 million wallets. Any Web3 company looking to connect with a wallet owner can easily do so through secure, on-chain, and dynamically priced messages. This transforms digital communication into a market-like incentive system, rewarding wallet holders based on their popularity. To claim rewards on their public on-chain profile, individuals simply need to connect one of their wallets and verify their identity through social media. Starting at low rates, the price of initial messages escalates in response to an increase in the wallet's value, driven by factors such as heightened inbound demand, enhanced profile appeal, greater liquidity, or other metrics valued by companies.

Said investor Haseeb Qureshi, "The Bluwhale team brings together an impressive blend of consumer plus enterprise industry veterans and pioneering AI Web3 researchers. Their innovative approach is poised to elevate Web3 user analytics like an AI-powered Salesforce for the Web3 space."

"In the future, individuals could turn their digital footprint into their most profitable asset, increasing the lifetime value of their online presence. This is a far cry from the value today's social media profiles have for individuals. On top of the passive income consumers can generate, they'd also be served by AI with personalized and highly engaging content, assets, products, and services wherever they go in the digital world," said Jin.

A key benefit of Bluwhale is that it empowers users with full control over the extent of their digital footprint shared with selected enterprises for profit. Wallet holders desiring privacy can remove inbound messengers from their queue spot or conceal their personal information at any time. Moreover, messengers receive discounts per message by claiming early spots, which they could potentially resell at a higher price once the demand for the wallet increases.

"Bluwhale pioneers a transformative shift in the data landscape, democratizing user data and endowing users with unprecedented control over their digital profiles through the integration of AI and Blockchain technology. We're excited to partner with Bluwhale's team of AI and industry experts, leading the charge in revolutionizing digital engagement and championing data ownership while fostering enhanced business connectivity," said Kevin Low, SVP at SBI Ven Capital.

For more information or to create a profile, companies and consumers can go to

Bluwhale co-founders Adam Rowell and Han Jin.

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About Bluwhale

Bluwhale is reshaping the Web3 landscape as a Silicon Valley startup, founded by Stanford and Berkeley's machine learning experts and former TikTok AI veterans. This innovative AI personalization protocol specializes in unlocking the full potential of decentralized applications (dApps) by extracting deep insights from consenting user wallets across a variety of blockchain networks. Bluwhale's primary aim is to drive user growth, engagement, and retention by identifying and reaching potential users through data-driven decisions and personalized wallet-to-wallet communication, rather than the traditional mass advertising model that benefits only the corporate giants.

Backed by $7 million from esteemed investors including SBI Ven Capital through its joint fund with Sygnum and Azimut, Cardano, and tech visionaries like Haseeb Qureshi (Dragonfly), Charles Huang (Guitar Hero), and Jack McCauley (Oculus), Bluwhale is on a mission to cultivate the smartest AI layer for the blockchain. Their goal is not just to enhance dApp smart functionalities but to significantly amplify user acquisition and market penetration. Learn more about their vision at

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