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Cleveland School of Cannabis Secures Historical Accreditation Recognized by US Department of Education

Wednesday, 06 March 2024 06:25 PM

INDEPENDENCE, OH / ACCESSWIRE / March 6, 2024 / On December 7th, 2023, the Cleveland School of Cannabis (CSC), a state approved career school for cannabis education, became the first cannabis school in the country to be recognized by the US Department of Education. This historic recognition suggests the growing legitimacy and importance of cannabis education, as well as a potential shift in federal cannabis policies.

CSC is now officially recognized by the US Department of Education.

The accreditation of CSC by Middle States Association-CESS (MSA-CESS) marks a significant step forward for the cannabis industry, driven by a broader acceptance of cannabis and its related fields within the formal education system. With over 1,100 graduates, CSC has already made substantial contributions to the workforce and knowledge base of the cannabis industry. This formal recognition could pave the way for further advancements in cannabis research, education, and professional development, bridging the gap between the burgeoning cannabis market and academic legitimacy.

This development arrives amidst discussions and recommendations for a policy shift at the federal level, particularly the potential rescheduling of cannabis. Following a recommendation by the US Department of Health to reschedule cannabis as a Schedule 3 substance, CSC's recognition by the Department of Education could be an early indicator of changing attitudes within the federal government towards cannabis. Rescheduling cannabis would acknowledge its medical benefits and could notably impact the regulatory landscape. This could potentially ease restrictions on research, banking, and taxation within the cannabis industry.

CSC's accreditation comes amidst the school's expansion; CSC recently moved into a new building with a hands-on grow lab, a processing lab, kitchen, mock dispensary, and virtual reality lab. CSC is also implementing technology to bring all of these experiences to its online student population through VR and gaming engines.

CSC's newest additions were developed to upgrade the learning experience for students to enhance student learning through practical, hands-on education in cannabis cultivation, processing, cooking, and sales. This approach not only readies students for the cannabis industry's intricacies but also boosts their job prospects by offering a deep dive into the sector. To cater to online learners, CSC employs VR and gaming technology, enabling remote students to virtually access CSC's labs and facilities, thereby overcoming geographical constraints and offering an interactive learning experience from anywhere globally.

CSC is also expanding its educational initiatives by enhancing its training collaboration with the Florida Department of Health to improve the medical marijuana division's staff competencies. Additionally, it's broadening its corporate training programs to advocate for sensible cannabis policies across various industries, aiming to cultivate a well-informed, responsible approach to cannabis use and regulation in the business world, enhancing safety, compliance, and understanding in a swiftly changing market.

CSC has created a new curriculum for continuing education of cannabis licensees, including some of the largest multi-state operators in the country. CSC works with its training partners to provide them with a steady stream of qualified employees. This fosters a mutually beneficial partnership with training partners by supplying a consistent flow of skilled and knowledgeable employees essential for sustaining growth and innovation in the cannabis market.

In concert with this, CSC has introduced My First Plant, a 16-week Live Virtual course designed to teach medical patients and cannabis enthusiasts how to grow their own cannabis. The course includes weekly live instructions from industry experts, a complete growing kit (grow tent, seeds, Cannabis Journal, and welcome kit with discounts), and a detailed curriculum. Participants will document and share their cultivation journey. This program seeks to make individuals more self-sufficient and informed about cannabis cultivation.

About The Cleveland School of Cannabis

The Cleveland School of Cannabis is a workforce development company that has graduated over 1,100 students for all workforce areas of need in the cannabis industry. The company works closely with small and large cannabis licensees to provide a quality workforce to serve consumers at a high level and fuel the growth of affiliate companies. The company also works with other educational institutions to support their curriculum needs and offer quality cannabis education to their student population. CSC is accredited through the Middle State Association-CESS, a voluntary, peer-based, non-profit association that performs peer evaluation and regional accreditation of public and private schools in the Mid-Atlantic United States recognized by the US Department of Education. This accreditation makes CSC the first nationally accredited career school focused on the cannabis industry.



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