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The Intern Group Reviews and Celebrates Receiving 3 Awards from The Go Overseas Community Choice Awards 2023

Wednesday, 06 March 2024 04:15 PM

The Intern Group


LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 6, 2024 / In a celebratory announcement, The Intern Group revels in its recent accolade by securing not one but three awards at the prestigious Go Overseas Community Choice Awards 2023. Among all the reviewed internship programs this year, The Intern Group has distinguished itself in categories that signify the pillars of an exceptional learning and work experience abroad: stellar support, thrilling fun, and uncompromising safety.

Internships offer a valuable foray for aspiring professionals into the realm of independence and professional growth. The Intern Group stands out as a beacon of support for its interns, rightly earning its award from Go Overseas with alumni vouching for the assistance they received. Whether it's navigating new environments or tackling professional challenges, The Intern Group ensures a hands-on approach to intern guidance and support.

However, professional enrichment isn't the only focus of these internships; immersion in the local social life brings about a harmonious blend of work and play. Acknowledging that fun is an integral component of the interning abroad experience, The Intern Group has crafted internships that strike a perfect balance, providing a lively social scene alongside professional rigor, allowing interns to forge lasting bonds and enriching experiences.

With growing concerns about safety globally, The Intern Group has set commendable standards for providing a secure and reassuring environment for all its interns, rightly earning an award for being a top provider with an emphasis on safety. Interns have consistently rated their experiences as safe, reflecting The Intern Group's prioritization of well-being alongside professional development.

Celebrating a decade of making unparalleled internship opportunities available, The Intern Group boasts an impressive network spanning the globe. It has touched the lives of over 15,000 alumni, from earnest students to energetic professionals, each with their unique set of passions and skills. This ten-year saga has seen small beginnings blossom into a propulsion engine for career advancements.

What strengthens The Intern Group further is its reputed partnerships with over 120 elite institutions. Some of these include the University of Pennsylvania, University of Sydney, Durham, Northumbria and the University of The Pukenga and Auckland. A globally-integrated network that involves more than 3,000 host organizations positions The Intern Group as the front-runner in facilitating quality internships.

Looking back at the vibrant journeys of its myriad participants, The Intern Group demonstrates its heartfelt commitment to developing talent. The Intern Group's various reviews from previous interns paint a picture of dissolved boundaries, attained aspirations, and fostered career growth, marking The Intern Group's significant role in shaping global professional landscapes.

Operating across five continents, The Intern Group's team is driven by core values such as fostering a people-centric approach, embracing teamwork, pursuing continuous learning, and exhibiting leadership-a principled foundation that resonates in the many high-rated reviews and awards garnered for their exceptional service.

From its initial foothold in Colombia with just ten students to now offering a suite of destinations including Madrid, London, and New York, The Intern Group continues to expand the horizons of ambitious individuals, presenting avenues for global growth, cultural exchange, and professional advancement.

Daring individuals can choose from illustrious cities like Tokyo, Bangkok, and Melbourne or opt for flexibility through remote internships, a testament to The Intern Group's adaptability and continuous innovation. Regardless of the chosen path, the company guarantees experiences that are not only unforgettable but also profoundly enriching for one's career trajectory.

The Intern Group stands tall as a leading choice for an internationally-recognized internship that propels its participants to success and growth, earning the prestigious title of "best-reviewed internship program" from Go Abroad in 2017. With continuous innovation and expansion, The Intern Group is set to pave the way for even more exciting opportunities in the future.

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SOURCE: The Intern Group

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