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CASUSGRILL(TM) Launches in Canada Exclusively at Costco Stores and Now Available in the US

Thursday, 07 March 2024 11:00 AM

Casus International

NIVAA DENMARK / ACCESSWIRE / March 7, 2024 / CASUSGRILL™, the Danish innovator behind the award-winning eco-friendly disposable grill, is thrilled to announce its official launch in Canada, available exclusively at select Costco stores across the country. In addition to its Canadian debut, CASUSGRILL™ is also excited to reveal that these sustainable grilling solutions are now available for purchase in the United States through the official online store at This expansion marks a significant step in CASUSGRILL™'s mission to provide North Americans with a sustainable and convenient grilling option.

The CASUSGRILL™ has been celebrated globally for its innovative design, utilizing bamboo charcoal, lava stone, and cardboard to offer a high-performance, lightweight, and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional disposable grills. With a quick ignition time and over 60 minutes of cooking power, the CASUSGRILL™ presents an ideal solution for picnics, camping, beach outings, tailgating, hiking, biking, skiing, ice fishing, and more, aligning perfectly with the vibrant outdoor cultures of both Canada and the United States.

The launch of the CASUSGRILL™ in Canada and its availability in the US is not just about offering new products, but also about encouraging more sustainable choices among outdoor enthusiasts. The grill's disposable nature, combined with its biodegradable components, ensures a minimal environmental footprint, supporting ongoing efforts towards sustainability in North America.

The CASUSGRILL™ can be found in select Costco stores across Canada in limited quantities and is now also accessible to customers in the United States through the CASUSGRILL™'s online store. Outdoor enthusiasts in both countries are encouraged to take advantage of these exclusive opportunities to experience the future of outdoor cooking.


CASUSGRILL™ is an award-winning Danish company dedicated to designing and manufacturing innovative and sustainable outdoor cooking solutions. With a focus on reducing environmental impact, CASUSGRILL™'s products are designed for those who love the outdoors and want to minimize their carbon footprint. The CASUSGRILL™ is a testament to the company's commitment to sustainability, combining natural materials with convenience and performance.

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