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Real Estate SEO Releases DIY Playbook for Agents to Increase Website Traffic

Wednesday, 28 February 2024 11:33 PM

MESA, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / February 28, 2024 / Real Estate SEO, which leverages SEO to drive organic Internet traffic to real estate websites, has released its complimentary "Real Estate SEO Playbook." The new guide, available online, reveals the company's blueprint for real estate SEO, including how agents and brokers can use search engine optimization to increase their exposure to buyers and sellers that are ready to convert in the sales pipeline. The playbook covers everything from keyword research to reporting and lays out action steps to accomplish SEO goals that are both measurable and attainable.

Real Estate SEO: Aggressive digital marketing that increases organic traffic for real estate websites

Real Estate SEO was founded by CEO Joshua Guerra, who has a 15-year track record of delivering exceptional digital marketing solutions to companies across the globe. At Real Estate SEO, Joshua and his team have developed a suite of services to help agencies rank higher online, including content creation; technical SEO; local SEO; reporting; technical optimization, such as the structural optimization of xml sitemaps, schema codes, metadata, and h-tags; the development of citation data across the Internet on strategic directories; and reputation strategies for increasing positive reviews. Real Estate SEO also offers SEO coaching, including detailed SEO audits, access to project management software, and development of content strategies, video strategies, technical SEO feedback, and local SEO strategies.

Joshua explains that Real Estate SEO developed its playbook in order to support agents and brokers across the United States.

"We are, no-holds barred, in the digital era, and SEO is vital to the visibility of any real estate agency. While the industry's professionals understand this, they are not always sure how to make SEO work for them," he says. "We are offering our complimentary playbook so that they can learn how to perform foundational SEO optimization."

The "Real Estate SEO Playbook" outlines how brokers and agents can optimize their websites so that they receive more organic exposure and ultimately have more buyer and seller leads. The online tool dives into:

  1. Keyword research,
  2. Content strategy,
  3. On-site optimization,
  4. Website experience,
  5. Local SEO,
  6. Link building,
  7. Google console, and reporting.

"We are excited about publishing our free ‘Real Estate SEO Playbook' and hope that its strategies will expand the online exposure for agents and brokers," says Joshua. "Remember that SEO is not magic, however. It is a process. It may test your patience, but don't give up. Instead, keep it simple. Be consistent. That way, you can increase more organic traffic to your website in the long run. And, if you ever need help, feel free to reach out to us at Real Estate SEO. We are always here to help you stay ahead of SEO trends and rock your online presence."

About Real Estate SEO

Real Estate SEO utilizes digital marketing to deliver brand exposure for real estate teams. Its team of real estate SEO strategists increase high-converting traffic to realtor websites, resulting in more buyer and seller leads. Real Estate SEO offers a complimentary SEO analysis as well as its free "Real Estate SEO Playbook." For more information about how to optimize your agency's SEO and Internet presence, please see or contact:

Joshua Guerra, CEO of Real Estate SEO

SOURCE: Real Estate SEO

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